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Fic: "To Ignite the Stars" (Star Wars, Obi-Wan/Padmé, 47/?)

Here you go, Lynda. ;) (And other TIS readers, of course!) I lied - no cliffhanger this chapter, but there will most definitely be one in the update I have in store for tomorrow. Heh.

Title: Satisfaction
Author: amidala_thrace
Previous Chapters: Can be read here.
Characters/Pairings: Obi-Wan/Padmé, others mentioned
Word Count: 4,494
Rating: NC-17 - married people doing married things
Summary: But if she had not been his anchor, he knew he would not have survived.
Author's Notes: Okay, so I was going to wait until I'd finished the latest plot arc to post, but since some of you (read: Lynda and Gen, LOL) have been bugging me for updates and I'm writing quite slowly at the moment for whatever reason, I knuckled under and decided to put up the stuff that's edited and ready and all pretty-like. This chapter is fluff at its absolute fluffiest - and, uh, smuttiest, too. ;) Given the emotional impacts of the upcoming plot arcs, both myself and the characters needed an interlude like this to prepare ourselves. No cliffhanger here, though it's coming in the chapter I'll post tomorrow. (Yes, I actually have two to post rather than one. Apparently I fail at keeping track of my own damn fic?) Those who are familiar with the Expanded Universe may note one minor inconsistency with regards to the Rebel Alliance and who named it, but I hope that for the sake of this particular narrative, you'll be willing to forgive that. :)

Read it here @ jedionpaper
Tags: fic: to ignite the stars, nc17 ratings, obi-wan/padmé, star wars

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