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Drabble requests are now ... OPEN!

Okay. So. I want to make something very clear up front: this is totally, completely and entirely viva_lla_gloria's fault. She posted the drabble request meme on her journal, I was perusing my f-list, I saw it, I commented to request something from her, and so I am now bound by the Meme Gods to do the precise same thing lest they smite me! 'Cause they do so love to smite, y'know. ;)

I am, however, making a couple of significant alterations to the original. If I get smited for that, well, then I guess I get smited. Yaaaaaay masochism!

The first fifteen people to comment in this post get to request a drabble from me. You don't have to repost this in your LJ if you don't want to - just be sure to read the guidelines/caveats below. :)

The aforementioned guidelines/caveats:

1) Fifteen slots rather than the original ten. Because I am generous like that. :D

2) Despite the "drabble" moniker, I reserve the right to transform the drabbles into ficlets depending upon the prompt and the vagaries of my muse. In fact, they probably will be ficlets, since I SUCK at the 100-word-limit thing.

3) My two main fandoms, as most of you probably know, are Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica (2003). Anything else I'd be kinda twitchy about writing, not to mention inexperienced.

4) Things I will not write. Every writer has them, and I am no exception. Anything involving marital infidelity and non-consensual sex I am absolutely not comfortable with, for personal reasons. Similarly, though I'm pretty equal-opportunity when it comes to most BSG pairings, I can't abide Kara/Leoben and Tigh/Caprica Six in a romantic capacity (those damn personal reasons again). Sorry, guys. I'd also shy away from requesting BSG slash, but only because I'm really inexperienced at it. Heh. No real issues with most SW pairings - aside from Qui/Obi, which I'm just sort of "eh" about. I'll say this as well: suggest Dormékin, and I WILL shoot you. Yes. Through your computer screen. With my invisible non-existent gun.

5) Slash is perfectly acceptable set in the SW 'verse.

6) I will write all ratings, from G (K) to NC-17 (MA).

7) If you request Obi-Wan/Padmé - totally legit, by the way - it may be set in the TIS universe, as my brain seems to be incapable of placing O/P in any other context at the moment. Heh.

All drabbles/ficlets will be posted to jedionpaper and linked back here. Just basically my way of keeping things tidy, and there's no need to worry about missing any of them since I'll also comment back to you when your drabble has been posted.

I believe that's it, so ... GO!
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