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To bang or not to bang; that is the question

Good morning, dear f-list! Hope y'all are having a good day so far, though judging by some of the posts on LJ and tweets on Twitter, it's not going very well for some of you. :( *hugs* I hope it gets better soon!

I've been grappling with a dilemma the past several days, and while it's not really that much of an issue in the grand scheme of things, it has nonetheless been occupying a rather large portion of my brainspace. And since I'm evidently incapable of making a decision for myself without consulting teh intarwebz, I decided to hop on here and ask you guys - particularly the Kara/Lee shippers - about it.

See, there's this really awesome new community, and it's called bsg_bigbang. The idea is that authors, artists and vidders will sign up, and from May to November the authors will write a 20,000+-word BSG fic. When said fic is complete, it will be posted to that community, and the artists will make special icons from it and the vidders will vid scenes from the fic. Cool cool cool, right? And good for those of us who may need a kick in the pants to finish those AUs languishing around our hard drives.

As most of you probably know, I am the writer of one such AU. I love Insanity Underrated, and I'm excited about and devoted to its plot. The problem? Zero motivation. Part of the issue is that To Ignite the Stars is consuming my motherfrakking LIFE right now, but the other part is ... zero motivation. And I figure that if I signed up for bsg_bigbang, I'd have at least a fighting chance of getting back to work on it due to the guilt complex that will ensue if I didn't finish it in time. (I am good at guilting, yo. Almost as good as Obi-Wan or Lee.) The comm is even offering cheerleaders to each author, and while I have a ready cheerleader/beta reader in Katie, other peer pressure can't hurt, right? I asked the mods if it's okay to use a fic that you've already posted two chapters of, and they said that's fine as long as you hold back all further chapters until the November deadline. And ICONS. And VIDS. Of MY FIC. Seriously, it doesn't get much cooler than that!

So why have I not gotten my ass over there and signed up? Well, first of all because there's always a chance that I'll rediscover my motivation without the help of a fancy-shmancy community. It's certainly happened before, as TIS readers can attest. Plus, there's the fact that if I did sign up for this, Insanity Underrated readers wouldn't get any more chapters of the fic until November. I'd be working on it, I'd be completing chapters, but I wouldn't be able to post them since I would have given first rights to bsg_bigbang. And now to November is a looooooong damned time not to post a fic in which, presumably, you want there to be ongoing interest.

My dilemma is therefore this, f-list: should I sign up for bsg_bigbang? If I did, it would have to be with Insanity Underrated, since monster fic plotbunnies are somewhat difficult to come by. The pros are that I would finish it, and I'd get it iconned and vidded to boot. The cons are that readers would have to wait until November to get the whole thing - but I'd probably finish it in October due to certain, ah, time constraints. ;) At least it would be completed, though, and there wouldn't be any fear that I'd suddenly abandon it.

So. Opinions? Suggestions? Yays, nays? Lemme hear 'em! :D
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