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Happy Birthday, iluvworms and katamarann!

Happy happy birthday to two lovely ladies on my friends list - iluvworms and katamarann!

katamarann - I first friended you for the fic, but I stayed for your witty, amusing, prescient commentary on all aspects of life. It's one of my fic-reading missions to some day catch up on "Through a Glass, Lightly," because I am very intrigued by the concept and if it's anything like your other work, I know it will be made of pure unadulterated awesome. You make me giggle, you make me grin and you make me nod my head in complete agreement on so many different occasions, and I'm pleased as punch to have you on my f-list!

iluvworms - From high school to MASH to fantasies to wacky brain conversations and beyond, where shall I begin? ;) Gen, you have consistently been one of the most positive aspects of and influences on my life since we met in 2001. I know I can always count on you to make me laugh when I've had a crappy day, to make me smile with the pictures and YouTube vids you dig up, and to make me wonder exactly how much carpet we were smoking when I look back over our IM conversations! You are one of my best friends, you are my confidante, you are my partner in crime and my cheerleader, and I love you so very much. Don't ever get any more sane, k? :D

I hope the both of you have had a wonderful day, with many more yet to come! ♥ ♥ ♥
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