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New Claim: fic101

Uh ... okay, I'm running out of ways to describe myself as clinically insane. Help me out here, guys.

Since I went out and got myself a second Obidala claim a few days ago, my muse decided it wanted a corresponding second Padmé claim to go with it. This, coupled with my discovery of fic101, resulted in me succumbing to the addiction yet again and claiming Padmé Amidala and List #2. (The mod of fic101 uses lists instead of tables, but I win at HTML so I reworked the list into a table.)

001.Blue 002.Discouraged 003.Sight 004.People 005.Beautiful
006.Unhappy 007.Smile 008.Remember When 009.Sea 010.Winds
011.Follow 012.Park 013.Listen 014.Rainbow 015.Writer's Choice
016.Shout 017.Ate 018.Closing 019.Doors 020.Brother
021.Future 022.Ending 023.Take 024.Magic 025.Moment
026.Glory 027.Night 028.Writer's Choice 029.Children 030.Tomorrow
031.Dream 032.Forever 033.Drive 034.Queen 035.Need
036.Enough 037.Battlefield 038.Young 039.Heartache 040.Stand
041.Promise 042.Writer's Choice 043.Cry 044.Demand 045.Dance
046.Strong 047.Tear 048.Search 049.Knowing 050.Easy
051.Hold 052.Grow 053.Shine 054.Sleep 055.Remote
056.Clip 057.Doctor 058.Words 059.Wrong 060.Writer's Choice
061.Season 062.Help 063.Tools 064.Sun 065.Goodbye
066.Sparkle 067.Edit 068.Parade 069.Living 070.Time
071.Work 072.Different 073.Day 074.Prayer 075.Welcome
076.Luck 077.Morning 078.Tough 079.Once Upon A Time 080.Pay
081.Hold On 082.Halfway 083.Hand 084.Black 085.Sky
086.Listening 087.Dinner 088.Strike 089.View 090.Girl
091.Make 092.Make 093.Writer's Choice 094.Sweet 095.Sing
096.Strange 097.Gold 098.Swear 099.Lights 100.Hill

As always, once I begin writing for this claim you can find the fic that corresponds to each prompt by clicking on the prompt. This claim, and my others, are also linked in the sidebar -- thank you Wendy -- and on my info page, so you can go there too to keep updated on all my various projects.

I think this will be the last one for quite some time, though. I'm way overcommitted as it is and I truly cannot afford to take on any more claims. Maybe after I make some progress on my existing ones I'll consider it.
Tags: padmé amidala, star wars

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