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Come join obidalastills! (If you're into Obidala ...)

Being that this is my journal, I occasionally get to pimp a community or two off to you guys -- and since I don't do it very often, I hope you'll all be patient with me as I promote my new icon community on here.

It's an icon stillness community dedicated to my favourite couple, Obi-Wan and Padmé. It's called obidalastills and it works just like all those other icon challenge communities out there, except it is for Obidala icons only. Each week there will be a new challenge and members are encouraged to submit icons and vote to choose the best. Come check out the profile, read the rules and if you're an icon maker or are just looking for a source of great new Obidala icons, join up!

We're also looking for affiliates, so if you'd like to affiliate your community with obidalastills, please leave a comment to the affiliates post and I'll fix you up. :)

Hope to see you there!
Tags: obi-wan/padmé, star wars

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