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Christmas At The Temple

Title: Christmas at the Temple
Fandom: Star Wars
Written For: me
Prompt: none
Characters: Anakin, Obi-Wan
Word Count: 769
Rating: G
Summary: On Christmas Eve, Anakin wishes Santa Claus would bring him a present. Just one present.
Author’s Notes: A cute little scene, again whipped up in about an hour. I wanted to do a Christmas fic and although Christmas is never specifically mentioned in Star Wars, it’s incorporated for the sake of this story.

Sproing. Sproing. Sproing.

He loved that sound. It was so cool! The noise the bed springs made as he bounced, over and over, up and down, on Obi-Wan’s bed. The door was closed. No one could see him. But –

“Anakin! It’s time for bed!”

Uh-oh. Obi-Wan. His Master had gotten upset at him before for jumping on beds. He’d better not be caught doing it this time.

Quickly Anakin climbed off the bed and ran into the main room. Obi-Wan stood expectantly by the small Christmas tree in their quarters. “Were you jumping on my bed again?” Obi-Wan asked.

Anakin looked at his feet. “Um – no,” he mumbled.

Obi-Wan sighed. “Remember the conversation we had about being able to sense deception?” he said.

“Yes,” Anakin said cautiously.

“I can sense at this moment that you are lying to me,” his Master told him. “Anakin, you may only be nine, and you may have only just arrived here, but you are going to start learning to obey my lead. And this includes telling me the truth when I ask a question.”

Anakin couldn’t meet his Master’s eyes. “Yes, Obi – Master,” he said contritely.

“Now, bed.” Obi-Wan’s voice left no room for discussion or objection.

Anakin hurried off to shower and change. He found night routines boring, and always had. Night meant sleep. Night meant turning off one’s brain, and wasting time recharging oneself when there were so many other exciting things one could be doing. So, to take his mind off the impending boredom, he usually peppered Obi-Wan with questions. Tonight was no different.

“Tonight’s Christmas Eve, right?” he said as he brushed his teeth. “We had Christmas on Tatooine too. Except I never got a lot of presents. Well, actually, there was this one time, I think I was five or something, and Mom gave me this really cool necklace. I always wore it. I think I still have it in my drawer, actually.”

Obi-Wan nodded absently. “Don’t forget your back teeth,” he said.

“Yeah, yeah.” Anakin brushed the reminder aside. “Other people used to get really cool gifts. ’Specially the people who worked with the Hutts. Sometimes I wished I could get stuff too. But I never did. It wasn’t really fair.” He paused. “Do you think now I’m a Jedi I’ll get presents?”

“I don’t know,” Obi-Wan replied. “It isn’t customary for Jedi to have material possessions. Nor should they crave them.”

“I don’t crave them,” Anakin told him. “I just want them. Hey, do you think Santa will be able to find the Jedi Temple? Do you think he’ll know I’m here?”

“I – I’m not sure.”

Anakin set his toothbrush down, rinsed and headed towards the bedroom. “I think he will. After all, it is Christmas Eve. And Santa’s supposed to have a list and stuff. Of who’s been naughty and nice. I heard that once. I think he’ll know. I think he’ll bring stuff for you, too.”

Obi-Wan chuckled and shook his head. “I don’t think so, Anakin.”

“He will! I know he will! You’re a Jedi, so you’ve been good, so you’ll get stuff,” said Anakin in the tone of a person explaining one and one makes two. “And, well, I haven’t always been good, but I’ll get stuff anyway. Santa forgives people. That’s what my Mom says. But I can’t figure out why he never brought me stuff. Maybe because I was a slave before and I sometimes did bad stuff for Watto. But I think now I’m a Jedi he will. Don’t look, okay?”

Obi-Wan obediently turned his back as Anakin pulled off his robes, tugged on sleep clothes and climbed into bed, yawning in spite of himself. “Okay, it’s safe. But I really think it would be cool if Santa brought me something. Just once. I wish I could get a present.”

“Jedi don’t want for material things,” Obi-Wan repeated as he tucked the boy in. “Before you sleep tonight I want you to centre yourself in the Force, like I taught you, and meditate on that fact. Learn to let go of the avarice that you feel. It’s an essential skill.”

“Yeah, okay,” Anakin said sleepily. His eyes had closed before Obi-Wan was halfway across the room.

When he was certain Anakin was indeed deeply asleep, Obi-Wan opened a small, secret drawer in his bureau. He withdrew a little package, wrapped in bright red paper and tied with a pretty green ribbon. Silently Obi-Wan stole into the front room and slipped the package under the Christmas tree.

On its label was scribbled, in Obi-Wan’s handwriting, TO ANAKIN. FROM SANTA.
Tags: g ratings, star wars

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