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Addendum to yesterday's post

I HAVE JOURNALFEN NOW! Yay me! *happy claps* I'm particularly pleased about it because I've heard a lot of good things about JF, and it's a fandom-specific journal. Meaning that (from what I can tell) people update mainly about fandom and their reactions to it, although they're not restricted specifically to fandom updates. The community seems very tight-knit overall, which I really like. I'll probably get a paid account next month when I can afford it.

I must insert an obligatory pimp here for leavin_eljay, which helped me to get the account set up. leavin_eljay is a community dedicated to assisting those who'd like to fly the LJ coop do so. Even if you aren't abandoning ship entirely, they'll still help you. They have a post up allowing you to request a JF account, if you'd like one, and information about other journaling sites. I highly recommend it if you're at all interested in getting set up elsewhere.

Add me at padme_kenobi if you have JournalFen. imadra_blue, I've already added you, but if there's anyone else on my f-list I've missed who would like an add, leave a comment with your JF username and I'll add you.

I'm not exactly sure how much I'll be using JF, but I'll probably at least crosspost all fics posted here and possibly some of my other writing- and fandom-related thoughts. I'll also be trying to get the Obidala community on there up and running, since there doesn't seem to be much of one at the moment. >.>

edit: pridefulpenguin, your comment on this post seems to have disappeared, but I got it emailed to me and have added you back on JournalFen. ^_^

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