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The Foot

Title: The Foot
Fandom: Star Wars
Written For: swficchallenge
Prompt: Miracles. Must feature Anakin/Padmé or Luke/Leia.
Characters: Anakin, Padmé. Luke and Leia are technically there too, though not shown.
Word Count: 386
Rating: G, PG-13 towards the end for a mention of sex.
Summary: Anakin “sees” his unborn child for the first time.
Author’s Notes: I don’t like this one as much as some of the other stuff I’ve written, feeling that it’s a bit heavy on clichés and light on substance. But I’m posting it anyway because really it isn’t that bad. Also, I found it cute that I was able to incorporate both Anakin/Padmé and Luke/Leia -- which I didn't even notice I'd done until the end.

It was small, and at first glance looked like only a nondescript lump on his wife’s stomach. But as Anakin leaned closer to inspect it, it moved, pumping furiously at its cage. Small toes could be seen outlined carefully in flesh.

“Wow!” Anakin exclaimed.

Padmé smiled wanly. “It’s not so ‘wow’ when it happens at three in the morning,” she chuckled. “Makes it kind of hard to sleep.”

“Yeah, I guess it would, huh?” Anakin reached out a tentative hand. “Can I …”

In answer, she grasped it gently and guided it towards her belly. He had touched her many times, of course, but this was so much different, so alien to what he had experienced before. He could feel his child, created by their act of love, probing almost experimentally for the source of the sensation. Then furious squirming and kicking made his hand bounce upwards.

“Force. That’s amazing.”

She lay back, and to Anakin she had never looked more beautiful. Her skin was clean and pink, her hair full and radiant. He couldn’t help but stare, drinking her in with his eyes. Savouring the vision of her for when he would no longer be with her.

“What are you looking at?” Padmé asked.

“You. And our baby. You both look … wow.”

She rolled her eyes. “Maybe she does, but I sure don’t.”

“Why do you keep putting yourself down?” Anakin asked, puzzled. “Why can’t you just accept what I say at face value?”

“Because my face doesn’t have value right now,” Padmé replied. “Neither does the rest of me. I feel like I’m a carrying case for an octopus or something.” She winced and changed positions. “And my back is killing me. It’s hard to accept compliments when you’re in pain.”

Anakin bit his lip and slowly reached towards her, laying his hands tenderly on her back. Massaging, poking, pressing, until he found a knot of tension and used a combination of the Force and his fingers to ease it.

“Better?” he asked when he had finished.

She nodded, a small glint shining in her eye. “Yes. Thank you. And now there’s one more thing I need your help with.”

The sex was satisfying, of course, but Anakin knew that for him, nothing would or could compare to the thrill of the foot.
Tags: anakin/padmé, g ratings, pg13 ratings

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