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Padmé Writes

Remember the other night when I talked about finding journalfiction and setting up a prompt table from 100_women and doing journal entries from Padmé's point of view? Well, I finally got my act together with regards to that, and I'm ready to start posting entries (or I will be once I've had some sleep, heh).

The catch? Well, I decided to make another LJ account where I can post those journal entries as actual journal entries, rather than as fake posts jammed into an LJ entry. The result is padme_writes, a journal where you can follow the prompts from my table as I complete them and hear, first-person, Padmé's voice as she describes her life. Kind of like naboosenator, except with a very AU twist.

Therefore, if you're interested in my journalfiction/100_women claim, you'll have to friend padme_writes. Since it'll undoubtedly contain explicit material, I may consider friendslocking it in the future - due to my confusion over the role of the writer when explicit material is not clearly marked as such - and so just linking it from this journal (which I plan to do too) wouldn't necessarily mean you could read the actual entries just by clicking the link. I'm not saying I will definitely f-lock it, just that the possibility exists.

Questions about the AU-ness of it, which pairings will be featured (Anakin/Padmé and Obi-Wan/Padmé primarily) and other general workings of padme_writes can be answered by going to the FAQ post I whipped up, or just asking me.

I didn't necessarily want to move some of my writing to a different acount, but due to the nature of the fics I really feel it's required. I'm sorry if moving represents an inconvenience, but I do hope you'll come with me. Other writing including TIS updates will, of course, be posted here as usual.

See you there!
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