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UGH. My kingdom for some halfway-decent photo editing software.

All I have is my crappy little Paint program and IrfanView, which is slightly less crappy but still can't do exactly what I want it to (I think ... shall have to tinker around with it some more after I'm done ranting). I found a cute little Obidala manip and would like to turn it into a new header for this journal, but probably won't be able to without it looking like it was cut out of a magazine and glued onto construction paper. *begins to pull out hair*

Although ... I've just thought of a way I might be able to do it. Stay tuned.

I swear once this month's credit card bill is paid off I'm getting Photoshop. Enough of this, I want to make icons. And manips. And headers. I think I've reached the end of my rope here.

And yes, this is a pointless rant. Don't worry, I plan to write a long involved post about To Ignite the Stars and some of the issues I've run into with it lately. NOT to say I'm stopping - ohhhhh no, the characters would never in a billion years forgive me if I did - just that I need to work some things out while I'm still writing Chapter 10.
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