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*happy claps*

Eeeeeee guess who's getting Photoshop tomorrow!!!! *bounces* I am so excited!!!!

Just spent a half hour phoning around to different computer stores asking what the availability was and their prices, and I can get a nice student rate at the store where I bought my laptop. So I'm going to get it tomorrow, right after work!!

I can't wait to start iconing and manipping, I've seen so many good ones out there and I want to get to the level where I can use a lot of icons I make myself. That's not to say I'm completely swearing off using other people's icons, just that I want some more that I can take credit for and hopefully distribute through this journal and iconing communities.

And don't worry, noobianrose, I'm still really looking forward to that header you said you'd make me! I won't stop using my friends' graphics just because I'm starting to make my own. Also, when/if you come online tonight I want to talk to you about another idea I had for the header ... remind me if I forget. ^_^
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