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My brain amuses me sometimes ...

I've come to a somewhat-profound realization about To Ignite the Stars. Funny how these things tend to happen to me late at night.

While finishing off Chapter 10 - and yes, it is finished! - I realized that TIS is rapidly becoming Padmé's story. Sure, it definitely still has the Obidala thing going on, and it will continue to in the future, but overall this is Star Wars from Padmé's perspective, with a non-canon twist. Most of the chapters are from her point of view and I don't really see that changing in the future. She is the character my muse is most choosing to focus on. This isn't an accident.

George Lucas has said in practically every interview I've ever seen that Star Wars is meant to be Anakin's story. Not Luke's, not Obi-Wan's, but Anakin's. The prequel trilogy chronicles his fall and the original trilogy chronicles his redemption, plain and simple. All of the movies are essentially about how the other characters interact with him and what contributes to his fall and subsequent redemption. If you picture Anakin as the sun, Padmé and the others are all planets revolving around him.

To Ignite the Stars is different. It's my creation, based around Star Wars, but precisely BECAUSE it's my creation, Padmé takes centre stage. She becomes the sun, and Star Wars becomes about her and her interactions with the other characters. Like I said, this is no accident. I've mentioned before that Padmé is my favourite character, bar none, in any fandom, and so focusing TIS around her seems like a very natural progression.

I didn't plan this, I swear. It just sort of ... happened. How interesting.

Chapter 10 will be posted tomorrow as soon as possible. I'm going to email it to myself after I finish typing this post so I can do all the formatting and junk while slacking at work. Thursdays are usually pretty slow, so I feel entitled. ^_^
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