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Fic: "Insanity Underrated" (BSG, Kara/Lee, 33/?)


Ahem. Yes. Just had to put that out there. ;) Roberto Luongo, I will bill you for the heart medication I now require.

Sunday will be EPIC. Heh. Not sure right now how I'm going to survive it, but hey, I wouldn't want it to be ANY other way! *grins*

Now, have an Insanity Underrated chapter!

Title: Insanity Underrated
Author: amidala_thrace
Previous Chapters: Can be read here.
Characters/Pairings: Kara/Lee, Billy, Adama, mentions of Billy/Dee and one-sided Lee/Dee
Word Count: 5,212
Spoilers: Through S2's "Sacrifice"
Rating: PG-13 for mature themes
Summary: When your life slipped out of its orbit, time had no meaning.
Author's Notes: Another chapter that I absolutely blazed through, though I found this one extremely emotionally draining to write. I'm not even really sure why, to be honest. I do feel it represents some of my best writing on this fic, of which I'm proud. :) Anyway, we continue through the "Sacrifice" arc. I will warn you in advance that there's a LOT of angst to be had here.

Read it here @ jedionpaper
Tags: bsg, fic: insanity underrated, kara thrace, kara/lee, pg13 ratings

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