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Fic: "Insanity Underrated" (BSG, Kara/Lee, 37/?)

Hi, I will be over in that corner there pretending this evening's shitshow hockey game never happened.

Have an Insanity Underrated chapter.

Title: Insanity Underrated
Author: amidala_thrace
Previous Chapters: Can be read here.
Characters/Pairings: Kara/Lee, Cottle, mentions of previous Zak/Kara
Word Count: 4,964
Spoilers: Through S2's "Sacrifice"
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content
Summary: Of all the phrases she knew, what might have been was the most tantalizing, the saddest.
Author's Notes: This is basically a "bridge" chapter, in which some themes get wrapped up, others are re-introduced, and still others are hinted at. Buckle your seatbelts, folks - next up is The Captain's Hand arc.

Read it here @ jedionpaper
Tags: bsg, fic: insanity underrated, kara thrace, kara/lee, nc17 ratings

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