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Fic: "Insanity Underrated" (BSG, Kara/Lee, 38/?)

Almost everyone on my f-list is posting these big, long, well-thought-out reminiscing posts in honour of this being the one-year anniversary of the BSG finale, and here I am with fic. However, I honestly think that the posting of fic, specifically this fic, could not be more appropriate for me.

One year ago today, I was in a very, very bitter place. Not just because of Kara/Lee's ending, but because of Kara/Sam's, and Kara's in general, and a whole bunch of other factors that I won't re-hash here. I spent months and months and months in a fog when it came to BSG, both creativity and personally. I was filled with irrational anger over the time I perceived myself to have wasted on the show. I didn't think I could get into Caprica, and I was unsure of my ability to write BSG fic or to continue in the fandom.

Then, along came an idea. It was a shot in the dark. It would be complicated. It would be challenging. It would be big. It was called Insanity Underrated. And as I began to outline it, as I began to write and as the characters and plot started talking to me ... I changed. My opinions and my attitudes did a full 180. I still feel that the finale could have done better. I still feel the resolution was messy. But I have made my peace with "Daybreak." I am okay with it. I've started to re-watch BSG, and enjoy it again, just as much as I did the first time. A year ago today, that was something I wasn't sure I'd be able to do.

I have Insanity Underrated to thank for this. Maybe time would have healed the wound equally, I don't know. But this fic project certainly helped. It gave me back the love. And I will be forever grateful to it for that.

Thanks, IU. Thank you to my readers, who make this ride so much fun with each and every chapter posted. I would write this thing even if nobody read it, and I would do so happily, but the fact that others are able to get enjoyment from something that makes me so happy is a wonderful thing. Thanks, guys. Here's to another year ... and another chapter. :D

Title: Insanity Underrated
Author: amidala_thrace
Previous Chapters: Can be read here.
Characters/Pairings: Kara/Lee, mentions of prior Kara/Zak
Word Count: 4,335
Spoilers: Though S2's "The Captain's Hand"
Rating: Light R for sexual content
Summary: The simple pleasures of sleeping beside someone, of waking up next to them in the morning, were vastly undersold, he thought.
Author's Notes: As promised, The Captain's Hand arc begins. There is some fluff, there is some angst, and there is some setup for events to come. I had to shift some of the more action-oriented stuff over to the next chapter due to length concerns, but for those of you who like that kind of thing, it's coming. :)

Read it here @ jedionpaper
Tags: bsg, fic: insanity underrated, kara thrace, kara/lee, r ratings

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