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This is a YAY SENS post!

WE CLINCHED A PLAYOFF SPOT TONIGHT! First Canadian team to do that, if you must ask. :D I am so glad Ottawa's going back to the big dance this year - the whole let's-miss-the-playoffs-for-the-first-time-in-twelve-years thing in 2009 didn't so much sit well with me. Heh.

For whatever reason, I have a really really ridiculously good feeling about the team this year. Not just because I am an eternal optimist, either. And hey, I might be proven wrong, who knows. But every time the NHL plays their playoff commercial (which is absolutely awesome, by the way) and the tagline "History will be made" comes up, I can't resist adding "... And why not by us?"

Seriously, why not? It's gotta be somebody. Every year, a certain confluence of circumstances comes together for some team. Every year, luck and play combine for somebody. So why shouldn't it be us? For those concerned about our goaltending, I don't dispute there are occasional issues, but I would direct your attention to THIS ARTICLE by Ian Mendes. Basically, it makes a very good case for the point that goaltending might not be as important to a Cup run as it once was. Before you laugh, read the article, and then come back here and tell me I'm nuts. I think you'll have a lot tougher of a time doing so. ;)

Yeah, I'm probably floating high on some good adrenaline and positivity right now. But those of you who know me hockey-wise will also know that I tend to be an optimist in any case, so I'm not just putting it on now. I truly believe every word that I have written in this post. I believe we can go for something special. I believe it is there for the taking, if we have the strength and the desire to reach out and snatch it.

We can. We absolutely can.

Here's to the playoffs, folks!

(And hi, I don't post nearly as much as I should anymore. Heh. It's been a rough week for me personally, but I'm going to try and get back on the horse. Promise!)
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