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We got the split!

So yeah, Sens lost tonight. What-the-fuck-ever. I was pissed and upset at first - today was a pretty crappy day overall for me to cap off a very crappy week and Ottawa losing was just the straw that broke the camel's back - but I've taken some time out to think and reflect and I'm okay with it now. I never really expected to come out of Pittsburgh with anything other than a split (and I am an optimist!) so it's really only a confirmation of what I thought would happen. I mean, yeah, it would've been AWESOME if we'd won, but there are still positives to take out of this game.

- Elliot was amazing. Seriously. AMAZING. Whatever playoff jitters/nerves he had in the first game have summarily disappeared.

- You know what? It took the Penguins everything they had to beat us and I still don't think we're bringing our A-game. Once we get ourselves together and start firing on all cylinders ... WATCH OUT. And even if we don't fire on all cylinders I believe we can win this series. I believe that our B-game is enough.

Speaking of believing ... I still believe in my team in general. Because that's what I do. I'm a Sens fan and I will believe until there is absolutely positively no hope, i.e. until the final buzzer has sounded in the final game. And that definitely hasn't happened yet. I'm keeping up my optimism and I am keeping up my belief. Who's with me? :D

In other news, I am so behind on so many things it's not even funny. Primarily the Sens comm, which I need to get caught up on tomorrow. Someone shoot me if I don't. Also must must MUST finish the next chapter of Insanity Underrated, which I have been slacking on horribly over the last few days. The playoffs are partially responsible for that, yes, but not completely. I have some good momentum going with that fic and I would like to keep it up. That and readers will probably start showing up at my building with torches and pitchforks if I don't post soon. ;)

Aaaaaaanyway. Hockey was entertaining tonight otherwise. Holy high-scoring games, Batman. But hey, that's what the playoffs are all about, right? :D

Also, thanks to LJ's implementation of a la carte userpics, I now have - count 'em! - FOUR HUNDRED AND TWELVE ICON SPACES. Yeah. Guess who is going to go absolutely stark-raving insane uploading icons tomorrow? I am looking forward to it. Oh yes I am. *GRINS*

Also also, what am I doing still up? Yikes.
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