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So Proud

I stand by every single statement I have made.

I will not recant.

I will not go back on my word.

I am so proud of my Ottawa Senators.

Nobody believed we would make a series of this. To hear most commentators talk, it would be done in four straight and you could forget about any kind of comeback or momentum for Ottawa. In fact, to hear people talk before the season started, the Sens weren't even supposed to make the playoffs.

But we did.

We did, and we took the defending Stanley Cup champions to six games.

That has to be worth something and in my eyes, it IS.

I've seen some people on Twitter say we "choked." No. We did not choke. Choking is going down in four games with barely a whimper. Choking presupposes that the team in question was heavily favoured to win, which I think just about everybody can agree is not the case. Whatever else can be said, we did not go gentle into that good night. For goodness sake, we took them to TRIPLE OVERTIME! AND WON! That is not choking. That is fighting, every bit of it.

In the end, it simply was not fated. That's fine. Next year. Tomorrow is another day.

Right now, what I want to focus on is the pride.

I am proud.

I love my Sens.

And that is really all there is to it.

Thanks for an amazing season, boys. See you in September!
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