February 9th, 2008

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FIC: Outsider

First off, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to one emavalexis! My apologies for not getting your present up yesterday - I had a social engagement in the evening and it wasn't until I got home around midnight and was blearily going through my f-list that I remembered. So it's entirely my fault, and I hope you will accept my gift of not one but two ficlets. The first is Padmé-centric, and is sort of along the lines of something we had discussed earlier - about how there's really a lack of information about Padmé's formative years, other than her early forays into politics. I took that concept a bit further and wrote a little speculative piece about how she might have gotten along with her peers as a child. The second is Anakin/Padmé, and will be posted momentarily. Hope you enjoy!

Title: Outsider
Fandom/Pairing: Star Wars, Padmé-centric
Written For: fanfic100, and my dear friend emavalexis's birthday
Prompt: #001 Beginnings
Characters: Padmé
Word Count: 513 words
Rating: G
Summary: Padmé was always an outsider, even from the very beginning.
Author's Notes: See my little introduction, above. XD I decided to apply this to my fanfic100 claim, as well.

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FIC: The Surprise

Title: The Surprise
Fandom/Pairing: Star Wars, Anakin/Padmé
Written For: fanfic100 and my dear friend emavalexis's birthday
Prompt: #027 Parents
Characters: Padmé, mentions of Anakin
Word Count: 581 words
Rating: PG
Summary: Padmé receives some unexpected news from her medical droid.
Author's Notes: For some reason I just love to imagine the scene in which Padmé finds out she's pregnant. Perhaps because it's portrayed as being such a shock to Anakin in Revenge of the Sith, I always think of Padmé being surprised as well, and not knowing quite how she should react to the news. If canon is anything to go by, she probably wants children but would likely prefer to have them when her life is more stable - maybe when she's retired from politics and she and Anakin can just settle down somewhere and have a peaceful life. So it's unexpected, but she doesn't necessarily get upset because it's something she does want. The circumstances are just not ideal. This is just one potential interpretation of that scene.

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