March 27th, 2008

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In which Liz is timewasty

You would think, after spending five hours this morning staring at Photoshop while at work, that the last thing I'd want to do after coming home would be to stare at it more. Well, not so. Instead, my long-dormant icon muse poked its head up, sniffed the air, took a look around and went "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey, let's make icons!!!!" *facepalm* Yeah, don't ask me to explain it either. Anyway, the result is some 120 icons, mostly Padmé (actually, 85% Padmé - I mean, you'd think she was my favourite character or something! XD). There's Anakin/Padmé too, but with a bit of Obidala and Battlestar Galactica sprinkled in there. I'll post the first batch today and the second hopefully tomorrow.

Of note about these icons: I'm not pleased with all of them, and some still look downright amateurish, but my skill as an icon-maker has grown by leaps and bounds with the discovery of the Filters section of Photoshop. All you expert artists are probably snickering behind your hands, thinking to yourselves, "She didn't know about filters? How can you not know about filters?" But believe it or not, I didn't. I'd heard the term bandied about before, but I had no idea where to find these filters or how to use them until I was fiddling around with PS this afternoon. These are the results. As I said, some of 'em are awesome, some of 'em aren't - but I'm proud of almost all.


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- Comments are much-appreciated and encourage more pretties!
- Credit to amidala_thrace is essential.
- NO HOTLINKING. It's EVILE and I will send Lee Adama to hunt you down if you do it. And trust me, you do not want him to come after you. He'll emo you to death. XD
- Textless icons can be used as bases, but drop me a comment just so I know what you're planning to do with them.
- Enjoy!