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Fic: "Insanity Underrated" (BSG, Kara/Lee, 61/?)

Working through the nightly to-do list ... I'd hoped to have two up at once, but instead you'll get one tonight and one either tomorrow or Tuesday. Heh. *races to wrap up this plot arc as fast as humanly possible!*

As for the contents of the chapter - well, I needed some fluff. What can I say. Of course it STILL managed to turn out somewhat angsty. *facepalm*

Title: Insanity Underrated
Author: amidala_thrace
Previous Chapters: Can be read here.
Characters/Pairings: Kara/Lee mentioned; chapter's heavy on the Lee & Will and Kara & Kacey cuteness
Word Count: 4,699
Spoilers: Through S3's "Precipice"
Rating: PG
Summary: And Lee hugged his son, hugged him close and strong, hugged him enough for Kara too, because she couldn’t be there, hugged him for all the future embraces that she wouldn’t be able to offer if she didn’t return.
Author's Notes: Well, I had meant to wind this arc up in two chapters, but a certain scene rather took over, so it'll be three instead of two. Hoping to have the New Caprica arc finished and posted by the end of this coming week.

Read it here @ jedionpaper
Tags: bsg, fic: insanity underrated, kara thrace, kara/lee, pg ratings

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