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And the fans all go insane!

It's that time of the year again - hockey is BACK!

I spent much of last night in a hockey coma, which, as I said on Twitter, is like a food coma but better. ;) Watched a total of three games - Montreal/Toronto and Philadelphia/Pittsburgh simultaneously, and then Calgary/Edmonton, the latter featuring probably one of the most beautiful goals I have ever seen (scored by Jordan Eberle). Seriously, I think I'll have to start tuning into more Edmonton games just to watch this team. They're young, they're determined, and they're exciting!

Of course, I'm most excited about my own team, although that's tempered by the fact that I'm not quite sure what to expect this year. Obviously I am optimistic, eternally so, but I'm not foolish enough to completely ignore some of the issues and problems. Chiefly goaltending, of course. I hope it's just a lot of hype and worry over nothing, but who knows! Time shall tell the tale, as it always does.

I'm headed out to Scotiabank Place with my mom tonight for the home opener against Buffalo, which should be a ton of fun! Even if it ends up going south, I love being in the arena and watching the game live. There are so many subtleties and plays and communication among the players that television doesn't pick up. I think that's largely because the TV cameras will usually focus only on the puck - as they should, really! - which means that some of the work that goes into developing a play invariably gets missed. I'm a fan, born and bred, but I'm also a student of the game, and one of the things I love watching is the strategy. A lot of hockey is random, true, but if you watch closely you can see how plays develop and the plan behind it all. Interesting stuff!

Not a whole lot else is going on in my life now, beyond what I've already talked about. Much love to all who replied to my friends-locked post of a few days ago - I was extremely hesitant about making it, but it reminded me once again why MY F-LIST IS THE BEST. <3333333333 I'll try to get to individual thank-yous soon, but for now I'd feel remiss if I didn't toss out at least a blanket reply. So - THANK YOU! *group hug*

Have been working a ton of overtime lately, which is exhausting even though it is helping me pay for Dragon*Con. ;) I might also have some other con-related trip news to announce in the upcoming days ... we shall see. *winks at nazkey and kag523* Otherwise, I've gotten ottawa_senators up and running with this year's prediction game, and today I actually popped my comment!fic cherry with a short piece at no_takebacks. Woot! I've always been leery of doing comment!fic myself because of the implied short length - I rather suck at short - but the DPP had a prompt that proved irresistible, so I indulged the muse over my lunch hour. :) I'll probably post it to my writing comm later just as a record.

Now, 'tis time to head out to the game! Yay! GO SENS GO!
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