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Weird moment of the day

In Magazine Writing (one of my courses this term) we have an article due in a couple of weeks, and so we've gotten to discussing brief outlines of our topics in class. Tonight we went around the table, with each person talking about what idea they selected, what sources they planned to use and what motivated them to select this idea in the first place.

Ellen, the person after me and a good friend of mine, says, "Okay, so for my story I was thinking of writing something about fanfiction, how the internet has encouraged it to grow and what the future of it might be in terms of copyright and so forth." And I'm like o.O because truth be told, I've never discussed the fact that I write fanfiction with many people in real life. I guess I kind of automatically assumed that others wouldn't be interested. XD

So I blurt out, in front of the entire class and my prof, "Oh COOL! I love writing fanfic!" and Ellen and I randomly start having this big long discussion about what kinds of fanfiction we like to write and read. We continued it for about ten minutes after class.

My academic and fandom worlds are merging. It's a very strange experience.
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