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Okay. Calmer now.


And for whatever it's worth, I apologize for going a little nuts on you guys last night. Heh. It's just that I was struck by a massive plotbunny, and the feeling was actually quite similar to what happened when the TIS plotbunny happened along. Except the TIS plotbunny was a good thing, as in "New idea!! YAYNESS!!!" whereas this was more "CRAP, another idea. WHY does my muse insist on tormenting me like this?"

In a way, I suppose I'm rather fortunate in that my muse chose to come up with another idea almost precisely when I theoretically could need one - near the beginning of NaNo WriMo. Part of my reasoning for using TIS as my NaNo was because I did not, at that time, have another workable idea and I know from bitter experience that when I sit down and try to consciously come up with a plot, it doesn't work. Or it sort-of halfway works and the idea ends up being crap. I don't want to work with an idea that's crap, because I know I won't enjoy it and whatever does result will not be my best work. And YES, I am completely aware of the fact that NaNo isn't supposed to constitute one's best work. But I'm not like that. I can't divorce myself from the need to produce my best work at all times. It's deeply ingrained within me. If I'm going to abandon my perfectionist streak completely, I may as well not do NaNo, and that isn't an option at this point.

So now I find myself in almost the exact situation I was hoping to avoid: having two projects on the go at once. I suppose that yes, this is more true to the "spirit of NaNo" (whatever that means) but I really dislike the idea of doing two things at the same time, and I'm afraid the quality of one or the other will suffer. Of course with my perfectionist streak, it may not be as pronounced, but I still have this sense that I'm overcommitting myself. And I don't like it.

Reading this so far, you might bring up the point that I don't have to work on two things at once; no one is holding a gun to my head insisting that I do so. Well, no one that you can see, anyway. The fact of the matter is, my muse will not allow me to set aside TIS for a whole month. It just doesn't work like that. For better or worse, To Ignite the Stars needs to be written, and I can't just randomly put it on hiatus because I happen to be doing NaNo. I've worked on TIS since late May, and to my muse's mind, I can't abandon it because another project happens to have come along. The TIS inspiration doesn't have a switch that can be flicked on or off depending on how busy I am. This is why I've kept writing it since school started, basically at the same pace as I did in summer, which hasn't always been great for my schoolwork. XD But I can't help it.

So I'm not going to stop writing TIS, and I'll be doing New Project too, which will be great for you Obidala readers since you'll be getting a bit of a double whammy. Heh. (Lucky.) I just hope to heck I don't go insane in the process. Even moreso than I already am, I mean.

November may not be pretty, but it'll be interesting at least.
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