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My Personal NaNo Contract

This has been adapted from a post I found on age's journal, and is a set of guidelines I will at least attempt to follow during NaNoWriMo.

I, Elizabeth, hereby resolve that during the month of November I will:

- Sit down for an hour a day to write. If I miss a day, I will make up the hour the next day by writing for two hours.

- Utilize the playlist I have so meticulously created for the express purpose of drowning out life so that I might accomplish my word count for the day.

- Make sure that my Killer Bunny, Plot, is present at each and every writing session, so as to glare me into submission when my thoughts stray during the hour of writing.

- To update my writing and possibly personal journals with my word count daily, so people know that I am indeed trying to keep on track.

- To turn off all other applications/sites that might cause me to be distracted, including but not limited to AIM, MSN Messenger, LJ, Theatrical Muse, the Obidala Fan Forum and Photoshop.

- To only use my web browser for research during my proposed writing times, and nothing else.

- To use my DVDs and SW novels as rewards and not procrastination techniques. Watching Revenge of the Sith for the 59660650035th time just to stare at the awesomeness that is Obi-Wan Kenobi is not an effective means of procuring a word-count goal.

- To let the phone ring, no matter who's calling. If it's important, they will leave a message and I will call them back. Using the playlist is an acceptable tactic for achieving this. (In the event that the caller is Ewan McGregor or Wade Redden, this point is null and void, for a marriage proposal is surely imminent and my attentions required elsewhere.)

If, for whatever reason, I do not comply with the above-stated points, I am to be subjected to the punishments dictated by those who read this post and have signed below. Points to be added if/when I think of them.
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