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Title: Forgiveness
Fandom: Six Feet Under
Written For: fanfic100
Prompt: He
Characters: David, Keith
Word Count: 522
Rating: PG-13 for mature subject matter.
Summary: David reunites with Keith after coming out to Ruth.
Author’s Notes: I haven’t watched all of first season yet, so I’m not exactly sure how the real reunion between Keith and David went. But this is how (and when) I imagine it in my mind.

There is no questioning between them. He knocks, he opens, he enters.

They fall into one another’s arms, drinking each other in. Not a word is spoken but both acknowledge silently that they need the other.

David is the first to raise the past. “I’m sorry,” he says simply.

Keith’s eyes soften. He doesn’t speak the words but David can tell he appreciates the apology. “I’m sorry too,” he replies.

“But you – you didn’t do anything.” David looks at his feet. “I’m the one who’s been … everywhere. It’s my fault, I was stupid, I lied, I – I should be apologizing. I am.”

Silently Keith comes to him, putting a finger over his lips. “You’re doing it again.”

“Doing what?” David says through Keith’s finger.

“Being a doormat. Apologizing for something that’s not totally your fault.” The trademark Keith smile that David missed so much flicks into view. “Now stop it.”

David sinks to the bed. “Sor – I mean, I missed you. I missed you … a lot.” He draws in a shuddery sigh.

Keith lies next to him. “How did she react?”

“She … she knew. She said she had suspected it for awhile, and I just confirmed for her what she thought. It was better than I expected.”

An image of Marcus, the gay man he prepared for burial a week ago, the man beaten to death, flits across David’s mind. He sighs and flops backwards.

Keith caresses his cheek, slowly and gently and deliciously. “What?”

David’s voice is suddenly quivering. “I don’t want to die regretting anything,” he says, shivering. “I don’t want to die face down on the street beaten to death. I don’t want to die because of who I am.”

“You’re talking about Marcus.” It’s a statement, not a question.

“His parents … they didn’t know what to do. Their eyes were empty. And his father – saying it was his fault, I couldn’t, I didn’t know what to say.” David stops to draw a shaky breath. “All I could think of was Mom, and how easily that could have been her. In Vegas, here, wherever, it could have happened to me. And – and I wouldn’t want her to know only after who I was. I don’t want her to be that mother.” He is shaking.

“She won’t be. She knows now. Your family knows now. And you’ve learned how foolish and stupid it is to take risks.” Keith kisses him softly. “When I picked you up in that waiting room I saw someone who realized how much things had to change. That person made the changes he knew he had to make. What happened to Marcus won’t happen to you. You’re too smart for that.”

For a week, David has been repeating these words to himself. For a week, he has been trying to convince himself of these facts. But his mind and soul cannot believe them, not until he hears Keith say them. He knows Keith wouldn’t say these things facetiously. And so finally, as he cuddles, he is able to believe.

He is home. And he is safe. And that is what matters.

Tags: fanfic100, pg13 ratings

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