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NaNo Wrap-up and TIS

First off - congratulations to everyone who won NaNoWriMo! I wish I could say the same, but at this point, I think it's safe to say that I gave up about a week and a half ago. It just wasn't the same for me anymore. Writing had turned into drudgery, and although some people are able to push through that kind of thing, I can't. It doesn't matter how many word wars I do or how many "Don't give up!" entreaties are thrown at me, after a certain point I just ... shut down. The muse packs up and flies to Hawaii and can't be coaxed to come back no matter what I say to it.

NaNo went great for about two weeks. I was clicking along, meeting my daily word counts, all was hunky-dory. Then I got The Migraine Sent From Sith Hell, and was literally flat on my back for four days straight doped up on enough pain medication to knock out a killer whale. Another week was spent recovering from that, during which time I realized that the headache had somehow managed to completely rewire my brain. The inspiration for Desert Rose was no longer in the forefront the way it had been. Instead, To Ignite the Stars attacked.

To this day I'm still not sure where my TIS muse had been hiding, nor where it got its sudden burst of rabid determination. All I do know is that suddenly TIS was all I could think about. I seriously even dreamed about that thing. I had to start work on it, and fast, but that meant the possible sacrifice of Desert Rose and NaNo. Either that or working on both projects concurrently, which was something I was just not prepared to do. I possess neither the time nor the creative energy to make that possible. So, I had a decision to make.

In the end, I dropped NaNo. Gave up on it completely. This is unusual for me, in that I don't consider myself a quitter. And in all honesty abandoning NaNo felt an awful lot like quitting, more than it should have. But I dealt with it because what could I really do? The battle lines were drawn, and TIS was winning. No choice.

Better luck next year, I suppose.

One last thing before I dash off to bed - I know I promised some of you that there would be a TIS update tonight, but sadly that's just not going to happen. I'm almost done with the next chapter, but it still needs some tweaking. So I'll leave that to tomorrow.
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