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Requests Please!

Well, last week I posted "Realizations" to swficchallenge and the reaction was quite interesting to say the least! People want me to make an entire series out of it, so I've agreed and am working on the second installment right now. I'll probably post it later, but in the meantime I realized how much fun I had fulfilling someone's wishes. Or, well, the wishes of a lot of someones. (Ignore me, I just took my pain meds and am in a weird mood.)

So, here's the deal:

Comment to this post to request a fic! It can be ANYTHING you want -- any pairing, any fandom, any genre. My job is to write the fic you've requested and have it posted within a reasonable amount of time, say a week. Each post will be titled with "Fic requested by (name of person who requested it)". Depending on how successful this is, i.e. how many people comment, I may do this once a month. This is just an experiment to start.

Now it's over to you guys!
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