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Life's Cycles: Index Post

Nope, not another huge multichapter fic, but I thought it deserved its own index post nonetheless since there are four chapters. Life's Cycles is a series of four fics, all intertwined. It was written for the 12 Days of Obidala Christmas at the Obidala Fan Forum and has also been applied to my fanfic50 claim. The chapters of this fic will also be accessible from the fanfic50 prompt table, albeit out of order slightly. Life's Cycles is complete as of this writing, and one chapter will be posted per day for the next four days.

Title: Life's Cycles
Author: Liz/amidala_thrace
Fandom/Pairing: Star Wars/Obidala (Obi-Wan Kenobi/Padmé Amidala)
Beta: canceron_jedi
Rating: PG
Status: Complete.
Summary: From humble beginnings, a Jedi and a Senator come to share their lives with each other, and create a love that will endure even after death.

Chapter 1: Life's Innocence
Chapter 2: Life's Romance
Chapter 3: Life's Miracles
Chapter 4: Life's Eternity

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