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Life's Cycles: Chapter 4 - Life's Eternity

Title: Life's Eternity
Fandom/Pairing: Star Wars/Obidala (Obi-Wan Kenobi/Padmé Amidala)
Prompt: #040 Myth
Characters: Obi-Wan, Padmé
Word Count: 1,241
Rating: PG
Summary: Upon his death, Obi-Wan reaches the netherworld of the Force and discovers it to be a little different than what he expected.
Author’s Notes: With this, Chapter 4, my Life's Cycles fic is now complete. As I've mentioned before, it's probably the most AU thing I've ever written. While it was fun to just throw canon out the window and experiment, I don't think I'll be doing a lot more of that anytime soon. I'm first and foremost a canon-based author, and going too much into alternate universes isn't my cup of tea. All that being said, I hope everyone enjoyed Life's Cycles, and I'd like to thank you all for your positive reviews. They mean the world to me. ^_^ Over the next few days I will be posting more of the work I did for the 12 Days of Obidala Christmas, as well as the fic I wrote for imadra_blue over at jedi_mistletoe. I hope you'll all stay tuned! XD

This wasn’t what he had expected the netherworld of the Force to be.

He had believed it to be a sort of white expanse, where spirits floated in concert with one another, and out of which those spirits could drop when they wished to influence the physical world. He hadn’t known when he would get there, but he felt certain he would know it when he arrived. His studies had taught him that much.

But now, Obi-Wan was finding that the netherworld of the Force seemed to look very much like Naboo. Very much, in fact, like the green fields of the Lake Country. Vast, empty places, and among some of the most peaceful in the galaxy.

His immediate thought was that he was glad to be free of his physical self. Obi-Wan had always maintained that the body was only a shell for the spirit within, a sort of means to an end, but he could not deny that the last few years of his life had been difficult. As the body grows older, many things begin to go wrong, and daily life soon became a struggle. Eating, sleeping and even moving around were tasks that Obi-Wan preferred to avoid whenever he could due to the tremendous amounts of effort they required. Often, he would do those things only because his children and grandchildren urged him to, and he did not like to see them upset.

But all of that would have been tolerable if not for the overwhelming sense of loss he felt. As a Jedi, this loss was somewhat blunted by his training, and his own personal desire not to see death as an end, but rather as another beginning. Still, the years would have been easier to face if Obi-Wan had faced them with the company of his loved ones. Qui-Gon. Dexter. Master Yoda. And Padmé.

Oh, his beloved Padmé.

She had believed it a blessing when the medical technicians had told her it was highly likely she would pass on before her husband. “I don’t think I could live without you,” she’d said, in a rare moment of poignancy. “I know you Jedi are told to let things pass out of your lives, but … I’m a civilian. Always was. So I couldn’t, I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t go on without you. I don’t wish to be selfish, but that’s just the way I feel.”

He had held her, and told her she was anything but selfish, and they had both cried. Cried with sadness over death parting them, and cried with happiness about the long life they had shared together.

After Rose, Padmé had gone on to bear three more children by Obi-Wan. Grace, and then a few years after, twins Qui-Gon and Aisha-Ru. The two older daughters elected to train at the Jedi Temple, as did Qui-Gon, who was eager to carry on his namesake’s legacy. Aisha-Ru, however, had always been more like her mother – oriented towards politics and the continued improvement of the Republic and help for its citizens. Following in Padmé’s footsteps, she became the senior Senator for the Chommell Sector after successful stints with the Legislative Youth Program and Refugee Relief Committee.

During a reception to celebrate the end-of-year festivals on Naboo, the Governor of Theed met the young Senator Kenobi and was immediately entranced. After a long courtship, they married. The couple had three children. Grace and Rose found partners within the Jedi Order, and each gave birth to one child. Qui-Gon eventually settled down too, but he did not feel suited to being a father and instead applied himself to playing with his nieces and nephews while on shore leaves.

Yes, Obi-Wan had to admit, the life he had shared with Padmé had been a long and wonderful one. He couldn’t imagine where he would be now if his Master hadn’t dragged him to the Senate briefing with the Legislative Youth Committee, the briefing he had nearly slept through. And he couldn’t imagine life without his wife. But as the medical technicians predicted, her illness was swift and soon claimed its victim. The Kenobi family gathered by her bedside, and they all cried. No one harder than Obi-Wan.

Now, as Obi-Wan stood in the field, he wondered what would happen. The netherworld of the Force was clearly not as the scholars at the Temple had predicted it would be. The part that troubled him was that those same scholars said that Jedi who had led a peaceful and productive life would be reunited with their deceased loved ones upon their death. Obi-Wan had been counting on seeing Padmé again, and that fact was one of the reasons why as he passed on, a wide smile formed on his face.

He squinted. In the distance, a lone figure, walking towards him, getting steadily closer. As the figure drew near, Obi-Wan realized that it was his Master, Qui-Gon. The moment he came to that realization, Qui-Gon surged forward and enveloped his former Padawan in a hug.

“You made it,” Qui-Gon smiled. “Congratulations. Of course, I knew you would. But it is wonderful to see you again, Obi-Wan, restored to youth and sound body.”

“What is this place, Master?” asked Obi-Wan. “Is it the netherworld of the Force?”

Qui-Gon laughed. “Still the same man I taught, always asking questions. Yes, it is. I, too, was confused when I came here. But it is different for everyone. In the netherworld of the Force, you always find yourself in the location where you were most comfortable in life. For me, it is a wide, green forest, in which the strength of the Living Force is paramount. For Master Yoda, it is a swamp, replete with plants and animals to enhance meditation. And for you, the netherworld of the Force appears as the Lake Country of Naboo. You were always happy here, if I recall?”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Obi-Wan stammered, gazing about him in wonder. “This is just so unlike what we were taught to expect.”

“Expectations can be deceiving.”

“Master …” Obi-Wan hesitated, unsure of how to phrase his next question. “It’s likely I should not be asking this, but what of the legend that we would be reunited with all whom we had loved and missed?”

“Ah,” said Qui-Gon. “You are wondering if you’ll see Padmé again.”

“Yes, Master, please … I’ve waited for so long …” He swallowed, composing himself. It was nearly impossible to get upset in this idyllic environment.

“I do believe you may find something of interest to you just over that rise,” the Jedi Master replied, pointing in that direction.

Obi-Wan hastened away, running over the thick, soft grass, unsure whether this was just another joke Qui-Gon was trying to play, if the scholars had been wrong about this fact as well, if in fact he had to spend an eternity without his wife …

A flash of brown hair, and suddenly, there she stood.

Padmé. Dressed in the light, flowing yellow garments she had worn on their honeymoon, and looking exactly as she had then. Standing with her back to him, looking out over the field, her hand shading her eyes.

He came up behind her and wrapped gentle arms around her. Padmé turned, as though in slow motion.

“You’re here,” she whispered.

“I’m here,” Obi-Wan replied.

And they kissed, wrapped in each other, looking over the field in which they would spend their eternity.

Tags: fanfic50, obi-wan/padmé, pg ratings, star wars

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