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Fic requested by luminations

Title: The Shower
Fandom: Star Wars
Written For: Wendy, aka luminations
Prompt: Ani/Palpy pairing
Characters: Anakin, Palpatine
Word Count: 809
Rating: NC-17 for slash, madhawtsex and some swearing.
Summary: There are no security cameras in Palpatine’s shower. What does he do when unobserved?
Author’s Notes: This one’s for you, Wendy. :) I found it a lot easier to write than I’d expected, guess omg_lightsaber must be rubbing off on me.

It was wrong. He knew it was wrong. But he could not help himself.

Palpatine awoke each morning, sipped some filtered water from the glass by his bedside, and reviewed his datapad planner for the appointments he had that day. He checked in with the Red Guard, assuring them that all had gone well during the night, and slipped on his dressing gown and slippers.

This was where the normalcy of his morning routine ended.

The shower was his place. He had it all to himself. Untroubled by duties, protocol, or propriety. In fact, an ideal time to attack Palpatine would have been when he was standing in the shower. He had insisted that no security cameras be placed in his luxurious shower stall. The myriad security advisors whose company he kept were aghast, but Palpatine was adamant.

Now, he shed his bathrobe easily, lifting it to hang on the rack provided with the Force. He stepped out of his slippers and into the shower stall, closing the door securely behind him. And he slipped into his daily fantasy.

Anakin was there. And for once, Dantius Palpatine could speak to him freely. No propriety, none of that “sir” or “Chancellor” that the young Jedi insisted upon using. Dantius couldn’t blame him, of course. Speaking to people formally was how the boy had been taught by his Jedi Masters. But here, in this dream, in this shower, Anakin spoke to him and called him by his first name.

“I missed you, my love,” Anakin hissed in Dantius’ ear. “I wish we could see each other more often.”

Dantius’ voice was breathy as he said, “The Jedi expect many things of you, Ani. And you must fulfill those expectations, if only to keep our cover safe.”

“But I want more,” Anakin whispered as he pulled Dantius down onto the bed. “I want to lie here with you all day. I don’t want to do anything except kiss you, and fuck you, and eat. Preferably in that order.”

Dantius chuckled. “You know precisely how to turn me on, love. But let us get on with it. My time with you is always so short and precious.”

Anakin removed his pants using a deft flick of his hand and straddled Dantius, looking rapturous. “Promise me we’ll do that someday soon,” he said. “Promise me we’ll go to some remote planet, with no security or crises or Senate or Jedi. We’ll book in at some posh resort –”

A wide smile was spreading over Dantius’ face. He knew how this fantasy went, knew every word of it, as surely as he knew all his latest speeches. “And we’ll fuck in our room, fuck as many times as we want –”

Anakin nodded fervently, calling lube to him using the Force and spreading it over his erect cock. “Then we go to the pool, and we Force-persuade everyone to leave. We grab chairs that can float in the water and then we just sit there, naked, admiring our bodies.”

Dantius flipped over and moaned as Anakin teased his opening with a finger. “And I float over to you with the Force, and I say –”

“ ‘Suck me off,’ ”Anakin took up the thread, simultaneously entering Dantius and thrusting, hard. “And I say … I will, but only if you … do me first.”

“And … and we fall into the water a few times … but it doesn’t matter, because we are together.” Dantius emitted a series of little grunts, one to match each thrust of Anakin’s. “We are always together … and we don’t ever have to leave because … this is our world.”

“Ohhh D … I love you … I do … we’ll do that sometime.” Anakin is sweating profusely, Dantius can sense this in the Force. He looks wonderful for it. His hair clings to his face, and Dantius cannot imagine anyone more attractive than this boy, this boy whom he loves more than anything in the world.

“D … come for me D … I want you to come,” Anakin whispered, increasing the power and speed of his thrusts.

Dantius obeyed, coming hard and fast and tensing his body and moaning out Anakin’s name. Seconds later he felt his partner’s body clench around him, then collapse and slowly withdraw.

“That was wonderful,” Dantius said, savouring the heady feelings of pleasure enveloping him. “Stay with me here. Now. Please.”

“Your wish is my command,” Anakin replied. “You are my only love. I want to sleep with you. I want to share your bed.”

Dantius drew the covers over them both, nestling into Anakin’s chest and bombarding him with loving feelings. They were perfect for each other. They always would be.

Palpatine scrubbed his thighs and cock, cleaning up the mess he had unintentionally created. Now, he could start his day.

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