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*tosses confetti*

... Yeah, okay, I'm seven minutes early. XD But HAPPY NEW YEAR anyway to everyone on my f-list! I've had an absolute blast getting to know all you guys over the past year, and I'm sure we'll all have tons of fun again in 2008. You've been terrific, with your reviews and support and just general awesomeness, and I'm thankful for each and every one of you. *hugs all of you*

My New Year's resolutions, as they pertain to fandom stuff, read something like this:

1. I will finish - yes, finish! - To Ignite the Stars. Finished as in completed, all chapters posted, the ending and the fate of all major characters known to everybody and his dog. I'm hoping this won't be too big of a challenge, since I'm just starting the Revenge of the Sith chapters and it took me roughly nine months to get this far. (Nine months ... same amount of time it takes to gestate a baby. Coincidence? I think not! XD)

2. I will acquire a more expert knowledge of Photoshop, and will make more artistic icons, wallpapers and manips using said knowledge. What do I mean by artistic? Well, icons that don't look so amateurish, and manips I can use as my desktop background. Heh.

3. I will teach myself to use Windows Movie Maker (and possibly Vegas, but let's not get carried away) to make fanvids of the Star Wars persuasion. Corollary: I will make a list of the songs I want to use for vids, and have all of those vids made by this time next year.

4. I will finish my Obi-Wan/Padmé claim at fanfic50, and I will make at least significant headway towards finishing off some of my other claims that are currently languishing.

5. I will apply for Claire Fisher at Theatrical Muse.

6. I will write and post one fic every two weeks. Even when I don't feel like writing. Even when said fic comes out shitty. Even during assignment and exam times. (I'll get back to you on how well that last one ends up working ...)

7. Perhaps most important, I will continue to express my profound appreciation for the support of Katie, aka canceron_jedi, and my other dedicated reviewers. Without them, none of this would be possible.

So there ya go. We'll see how successful I am at the above, heh. XD

Tomorrow I plan on making a gigantic year-in-review post about this year in fandom for me, and I'll also reply to comments on the last post.

No word yet from the people who currently hold the Obidala and Padmé claims at fanfic100 (which is good) or from the fanfic100 mod about my Laura Roslin claim (which is bad). Keeping my fingers crossed that both of those get sorted out soon.

In the meantime, Happy New Year once again!! Break out the champagne, toast to your favourite SW characters and reviewers, and drive safely. See everyone in 2008!
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