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Fanfic 50

Ahh, Wendy, but how you do lead me astray! It's not like I needed another claim at another fanfic community, oh no, I've got my hands full with fanfic100, which I need to keep up writing for, and I've also got a couple more requests to fill (those of you still waiting, don't worry, I haven't forgotten and I will get them posted as soon as I can). Plus, I haven't even really written for a week, due to illness, computer fuckery and general laziness. So, I have quite enough on my hands already.

No matter, though! As soon as I found out about fanfic50, I had to apply. It's a lot smaller than fanfic100, and didn't have any Star Wars claims when I looked at it. Which meant ... I could apply for the claim I originally wanted, Obidala! So I did, and I wasn't expecting to hear back from the mod so soon, but I opened my email last night and there's the approval. Here's my prompt table, which is table #6 on the community.

001.Spiral 002.Ghost 003.Control 004.Bruise 005.Destiny
006.Element 007.Fade 008.Darkness 009.Fire 010.Blood
011.Bound 012.Bolt 013.Wormhole 014.Sacrifice 015.Pause
016.Space 017.Doubt 018.Ashes 019.Save 020.Write
021.Insult 022.Dare 023.Morph 024.Heal 025.Burden
026.Gate 027.Travel 028.Cage 029.Wake 030.Seed
031.Ring 032.Karma 033.Traitor 034.Stars 035.Voice
036.Backwards 037.Present 038.Salvation 039.Restrain 040.Myth
041.Hologram 042.Reaction 043.Alien 044.Burn 045.Brave
046.Necklace 047.Creation(ism) 048.Guilt 049.Reality 050.Writers' Choice

I'm really looking forward to starting work on my claim! Looking at the various prompt tables yesterday and trying to choose one was almost impossible. I kept getting so many good ideas. This morning at work I almost couldn't concentrate, so I eventually jotted down a few notes about fics I'd like to write later. It's hard because LJ is blocked at work, and I don't particularly want to start a fanfic file there. It would just look ... weird. Anywhoo, I'm home now.

I'll probably post a fic later, either Obidala or another request. It depends on what mood my muse is in.

edit: I should probably mention that I'm planning to link the fics I write to this table, too, so depending on what theme you want to read about, just click on the prompt to read the fic.
Tags: fanfic50, obi-wan/padmé, writing

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