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FIC: The Surprise

Title: The Surprise
Fandom/Pairing: Star Wars, Anakin/Padmé
Written For: fanfic100 and my dear friend emavalexis's birthday
Prompt: #027 Parents
Characters: Padmé, mentions of Anakin
Word Count: 581 words
Rating: PG
Summary: Padmé receives some unexpected news from her medical droid.
Author's Notes: For some reason I just love to imagine the scene in which Padmé finds out she's pregnant. Perhaps because it's portrayed as being such a shock to Anakin in Revenge of the Sith, I always think of Padmé being surprised as well, and not knowing quite how she should react to the news. If canon is anything to go by, she probably wants children but would likely prefer to have them when her life is more stable - maybe when she's retired from politics and she and Anakin can just settle down somewhere and have a peaceful life. So it's unexpected, but she doesn't necessarily get upset because it's something she does want. The circumstances are just not ideal. This is just one potential interpretation of that scene.

She sinks back onto her couch, stunned, all the breath momentarily knocked out of her. It is as if the medical droid's words have squashed the air from her lungs, and all she can manage is a soft gasp.

"Senator Amidala?" the droid says, and if a droid's voice can sound gentle and concerned, this one's does. "Are you feeling well?"

"I -" For a moment, Padmé cannot manage to speak. She draws a sharp breath, and grasps the arm of the couch as though it were a lifeline. "I ..." she says again, her voice trailing into an unspoken question. "I - are you sure?"

"All tests confirm the diagnosis. Your symptoms, the blood I took from your arm, the holographic imaging of your womb. You are approximately two months pregnant."

"But ..." Padmé gropes for the proper words to express her surprise. A part of her understands that this really shouldn't be a surprise, that she and Anakin rarely took precautions and that when they did, those preventative methods were often used incorrectly. She knows that conception is what typically results from such a scenario, and yet ... why can she not picture herself and Anakin as parents? They are married, and so it would seem a natural progression for them to have children. But - not now. After the war. When Anakin can be with her.

Padmé wishes he was here now.

The medical droid is watching her almost curiously. "Are you sure you are going to be all right, Senator?"

"I'm sorry," she says softly. She says it to herself, and to Anakin, and to their unborn child. "It's just a ... shock, that's all. We weren't even really trying, it was just a very casual - holiday."

She stops herself before she can say anything embarrassing.

"Research has shown that this is not uncommon, my lady," the droid replies as it begins to pack up its diagnostic equipment. "Many beings throughout the galaxy consider pregnancy an impossibility until it happens."

"I didn't think it was impossible," Padmé shoots back defensively. "I just ... wasn't expecting it."

And that is the truth of the matter: she was not expecting it. That is why doubts are coursing through her head. This is why she wishes Anakin were there to support her. This is why she is still consciously reminding herself to breathe.

"I have left two datapads with instructions on your prenatal care," says the medical droid now. "Please read them and contact me should you have any questions, Senator."

The mention of her position as Senator reminds Padmé of a very significant fact. "One more thing, if you please. The fact that I am with child is to be kept absolutely secret, do you understand? The father of the baby has not been told and I cannot allow the news to reach the public at any time. When you leave today, no one will know to whom you have been offering treatment, or what that patient's ailment may or may not be, or where on Coruscant they reside. Is that quite clear?"

The droid nods in assent. "It is not possible for anyone to recover the information, even if they should use force. I will automatically self-destruct if a being or machine attempts to tamper with my database."

Reassured, Padmé sits once more. All she can think of is her husband, her Anakin, away at the front.

Oh, Anakin. What are we going to do?

Tags: anakin/padmé, fanfic100, pg ratings, star wars

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