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New A/P fic

Apologies for the slightly-late pimpage ... as usual, studying and working on various and sundry assignments rendered me largely braindead tonight. As anyone who read my comments or chatted with me can attest. XD Anyway, in case any Anakin/Padmé fans on my f-list missed it, I've got a new fic for my fanfic100 claim up over at my writing community. Details below. ^_^

Title: A Bit of a Situation
Fandom, Pairing: Star Wars, Anakin/Padmé
Written For: fanfic100
Prompt: #038 Touch
Characters: Anakin, Padmé
Word Count: 1,356
Rating: PG
Summary: However, the fact did not escape Anakin that he was doing something he had wanted to do ever since his latest mission began: hold hands with Padmé Amidala.
Author's Notes: Procrastination begets plotbunnies. I learned this very important lesson last night. I was randomly browsing around Moons of Iego (one of my favourite Anakin/Padmé sites) while waiting for a journalism assignment to magically start writing itself, when I happened upon this page of quotes from the Attack of the Clones DVD commentary. One drew my eye in particular, when Ben Burtt (the producer) talks about how there was originally supposed to be a sort of "mirror" scene on Geonosis like the one in A New Hope, where Padmé and Anakin have to swing across a chasm a la Luke and Leia. Click the link for the full quote, but let's just say the plotbunnies started breeding, and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote this little vignette. It can't technically be considered AU, since everyone from Lucas to Burtt to Lucas's dog seems to agree it was originally supposed to be in the movie, but I guess if you wanted to get nitpicky you could claim AUness. This is how I imagined the scene from Ben Burtt's quote.

Read "A Bit of a Situation" here @ jedionpaper

Also, LJ seems to have decided not to deliver comment notifications in a timely fashion, so don't be surprised if I'm a tad late responding to your comments. I'm trying to check the most popular places (jedionpaper, my LJ, my stillness communities) on a regular basis, but I apologize in advance if you don't hear back from me immediately. Let's hope LJ gets its shit together relatively soon. >.>
Tags: anakin/padmé, fanfic100, pg ratings, star wars

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