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4x01 He That Believeth In Me: my reaction

WARNING: This is CHOCK-full of SPOILERS so if you haven't seen BSG's S4 premiere, do NOT click the cut. You have been warned.

Posting this as soon as I can after the episode so everything's still fresh in my mind, but I make absolutely NO claims on how coherent this may or may not be since I'm still filled with abundant amounts of squee and breeding plotbunnies. Heh.

So let's see. The opening scene, OMG. I was freaking out before the episode was a minute old, seriously. It felt like S1 with pounding drums and flippy ships and space battles and not knowing who's going to be dead or alive at the end of it all. I was particularly afraid for Sam, just how freaked out he seemed and how the Raider pulled up pretty much right in front of him and looked like it was aiming its guns. I was like, "NOOOOO YOU CAN'T KILL SAM NOT IN THE FIRST LIKE THIRTY SECONDS!!!!!!" Luckily he survived, but the next scene was really weird. It honestly looked like the Raider was scanning him or something, and then the Cylons just sort of randomly broke off their attack. I'm thinking it's too big of a coincidence not to have something to do with the scanning, but who knows.

LOVED everyone's reactions to Kara being back, felt they were spot on. Especially Lee's. Whole WHACK of shippy goodness right there, let me tell you. I was absolutely grinning from ear to ear when she got out of her Viper and the first thing he did was run up and hug her. SO much awesome. I have this funny feeling that the title of the episode sort of referred to their relationship too: the fact that throughout, Lee was the only person who really steadfastly believed in her and defended her to others.

Speaking of Lee, I also loved the scene between him and Bill in the film room. The question Lee posed is particularly prescient: if it was Zak who'd come back, would he really be treating him with the same amount of suspicion? Would it really matter if he'd been a Cylon, just so long as he was back? Somehow I'm thinking the answer is no, but I could be entirely wrong. Bill really seemed to be taking a hard line with this, and I guess I can understand why. From his point of view, Kara's basically come back from the dead, which is supposed to be impossible except for Cylons. So he naturally should assume she's a Cylon, and that she's trying to lead the fleet astray. Still, it's kind of heartbreaking to see her basically so confused because no one'll believe her. (Except Lee. XD) Also, I thought Lee's reaction to Bill asking him to come back - basically saying no, that's all behind me now - was very in character. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in that government job he mentioned.

What else. Oh, Gaius! Heh, his plotline was frakking WEIRD tonight. Kind of expected some sort of batshittery from that fan club of his, and also a healthy dose of hero worship. I'm still kind of confused as to whether or not they actually see him as a god, though. Some of them seem to - the woman with the little boy dying of encephalitis - and some look like hangers-on to me. Anyway, his little speech while he was holding the boy's hand was interesting. Up until now, we've never seen Gaius make any kind of sacrifice unless it would benefit him personally in some way, therefore this is pretty much a complete departure. Is he just trying to buy into the plan that Six says supposedly exists for him? My gut reaction would be yes, except that she wasn't telling him to do what he did. She didn't say, "Look, you've gotta pray for this kid to recover or you're frakked." He appeared to do that all on his own. But you never can tell with Baltar.

The ending scene = WOW. It started out all cute with lots of good Sam/Kara shippiness. (Yes, I ship both Lee/Kara and Sam/Kara. Sue me. XD) I'd been sort of worried about them after he was seen in the S3 finale frakking - or looking like he was frakking - Tory, but after all, he like everyone else thought Kara was dead. But no, he still loves her (he SAID he loves her!!!!) and his little speech about being yourself no matter who you eventually turn out to be was awesome and incredibly ironic considering he's a Cylon himself. It's like he's learned this stuff from personal experience, which he probably has, and he's basically begging her to help herself out by adopting this attitude. SO great.

Then, of course, she punches him! I was like "NOOOOOO!!!!" even though I know exactly why she did it. But I'm kinda scared about how he'll react when he wakes up. Kara obviously feels like she's acting for the greater good of the Fleet, but I just wish there wasn't the flimsiest of flimsy justifications for her acting the way she's acting. It's not logical, although it is true to character because she's well-known for acting on gut feelings. Given that one could, I suppose, be surprised at the reaction of the others (except Lee) and their refusal to believe her, but the fact that she "died" and then returned kind of negates that, I guess.

All that being said I really don't think she'd shoot Roslin. I think she'll try and talk to her first, try and make her see sense, and I think Laura will be just as stubborn in her insistence that they have to follow the path laid out by the Eye of Jupiter. But I really really don't think Kara will kill her. You heard it here first.

Lastly, I couldn't sign off without reiterating that Colonel Tigh ROCKS MY SOCKS. The fact that he is so determined to do his duty, Cylon programming be damned, is just so amazing and admirable. I love the part where he took the gun out of his locker and just put it on the table, all calm, basically daring the others to contradict him. AWESOME.

There's probably 59450535045450 things I'm forgetting, but consider the above my preliminary reaction, and discuss in the comments!
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