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Listy goodness

Okay. My dumb, BSG-addled brain being what it is, the plotbunnies are churning out at the moment and it would appear there's no stopping them. So in an attempt to placate at least a few so I can work on TIS, I'm going to make a list of all the ideas I've gotten in the past couple of days and whether they are one-shot or multi-chapter (... yeah). This is mostly for me, so no obligation to click the cut - in fact, you may not even want to if you'd prefer not to be spoiled for these projects. Will be crossposted to jedionpaper 'cause I'm anal like that.

Time Period: New Caprica
Pairing: Lee/Kara
Scenario: What if Kara hadn't married Sam the morning after she and Lee declared their love for one another?

Time Period: New Caprica
Pairing: Sam/Kara
Scenario: Kara isn't captured by Leoben, and/or she's in the tent when he comes to ask Sam where she is and kills him (will have to decide that). She joins the Resistance and helps Sam, Tigh and Chief with it. Possibly involving her being captured, tortured, in detention etc. Suggested by lyssie.

Time Period: Early on, probably Season 1
Pairing: Lee/Kara
Scenario: To increase the human population after the genocide, a selection of women in the Fleet will be paired up with a selection of men to have children. Kara gets paired with Lee, angst ensues. (I like this one best, will probably start on it and the Resistance fic soon.)

Time Period: Post-New Caprica
Pairing: Sam/Kara
Scenario: What if Kacey had actually been Kara's?

I think I have an unnatural obsession with New Caprica. Heh. >.> This list may or may not be added depending on what other plotbunnies attack. I'm hoping to start working on at least some of these ideas soon, but I make no promises since my Star Wars readers are patiently waiting for the next TIS update.
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