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4x02 Six of One: my reaction

Let it be known: This contains TONS of SPOILERS so if you haven't seen S4's second episode, do NOT click the cut. You have been warned.


Well, as a Lee/Kara OTPer, I'm obviously disappointed, heh. But I'm definitely not going to let that diminish my overall reaction to the episode, because that would definitely not be fair. I'll just talk about it quickly and then go on to other stuff.

I guess, while I didn't expect them to end up together in one happy shippy family (that's what fanfic is for!), I also didn't quite expect what actually did happen. I honestly thought I was going to cry when Kara started with the "Good luck, Lee Adama." Just the usage of his last name said to me, "Okay, they're basically parting forever," and the rest of the episode did nothing to break that trend. Still, they shared a very long, very nice kiss, and like I said I certainly didn't expect their storyline to be all wrapped up nicely with them ending up together. So while it's a sad moment for the fans - so far as we know up to this point - it's also a very typically Lee/Kara moment. So I'm glad RDM and his minions kept that in character. As much as my shippy heart would've loved to see them end up together, I probably also would have felt cheapened by it. I don't know. It's tough to explain.

I'm still going to write fanfic about them ending up together though. Heh.

All in all though, the first part of the episode was hell for Kara. I didn't think she'd shoot Roslin, and I ended up being right, but aside from that nothing went very well for her. It must have been so hard for her, to see all these people who once trusted and liked her suddenly turning against her, believing her to be a Cylon and otherwise putting down what she clearly so firmly believes. It especially hurt her to lose Adama's trust, although they were on pretty shaky ground anyway last episode. But you could just see in her eyes that the one person in whom she'd placed a bit of trust, the one person she thought she could count on to believe her no matter what, was basically spitting in her face. For Kara, who's had trust issues all of her life, that must have come as a terrific blow. The only person who has said clearly and implicitly that he believes her is Lee, and he couldn't exactly hang around to defend her. You could see even Helo had his doubts, and Kara used to be on pretty good terms with him.

The scene in the brig between Kara and Adama was just ... WOW. For one thing, we now pretty much have canonical confirmation that Bill and Laura are sleeping together, do we not? XD From the way he attacked Kara after she made that crack about him being the president's wet nurse, I think we can infer a nerve was touched! But it also led to an almost complete about-face in his opinion. Bill realized, from the way he reacted, that he still loved Kara. And if that was true, he knew he couldn't discount everything she said.

Which, of course, led to the ending scene. I was just so happy for that. It wouldn't have restored all the trust Bill and Kara once had in each other, but it definitely went a long way towards doing just that. And sending her off with Helo, who as I mentioned previously maintained a relationship akin to best friends with Kara, was an equally trusting gesture. Helo's one of Bill's best men - enough that he made him his XO during the New Caprica period - and with Lee leaving, he's also someone Bill can ill afford to lose. The fact that he is putting Kara and Helo in a Raptor and sending them off to another ship and telling them to go find Earth, tells me that he believes her. Pure and simple. It's just awesome, the way the show's creators rely on you to grasp all of that information to tell you that there's still trust there.

BSG is a great, great show. And I hope someone can tell me how to stop my brain from fantasizing about Lee NOT leaving, and about him being put on that ship with Kara. For months. XD

What else. Oh, Adama/Roslin of course! Well, as I said, we have canonical confirmation that it exists and canonical confirmation never felt so awesome. Laura's still staying in his quarters, and something about the comfortable way in which they were relating to one another told me that they had something going even before Kara basically threw it in Bill's face. The A/R shippers will be partying long and hard tonight, and what the hell, I'll be partying with them. I love A/R so very much.

Speaking of love, I LOVED Laura's characterization in this episode. There was a certain amount of danger of it getting lost given all the stuff that was going on with Kara, but somehow the powers that be still managed to cram in a bunch of little moments that said a hell of a lot. That moment when Laura's alone in Bill's quarters and she grabs at a clump of her hair that's just starting to fall out was SO powerful. Rarely have we seen Laura Roslin express any kind of regret or sadness about her cancer, and this let me know that she is finally starting to realize what it means, finally allowing that to sink in. And it sucks. It really, really sucks. Living with several chronic illnesses myself (which are nowhere NEAR as severe or life-threatening as terminal cancer, I hasten to add), I can understand to a certain point what she's experiencing. There is a real desire to despise your body for letting you down, to want to keep going even despite the tremendous physical limitations which are being placed upon you. But sometimes, you just can't take it anymore. Sometimes the carefully-constructed facade you've built up starts to peel away, and you break down. I can understand why that would happen to her now, and I'm happy that she feels comfortable enough with Bill to allow him to see this side of her. It's a difficult thing, to show weakness. You only do it around those you really love.

Wow, I haven't even gotten to the Cylons yet! I'm going to make this quick though, because I've got stillness community voting to post.

What happened in the Cylon ranks tonight reminds me of something Bill told Lee in the beginning of Season 3, I believe it was. I can't remember the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of: "The Centurions aren't designed to think logically; the Cylons didn't want a robotic rebellion of their own on their hands." Well now, it seems, that X factor has been removed. And with good reason. Cavil and the others are starting to fall into humanity's trap: thinking of the Raiders as just a tool, a means to an end. Humanity's thinking of the Cylons as a tool or a means to an end provoked their rebellion in the first place. That's what Six and her allies object to. They understand the hypocrisy of what Cavil is preaching, and they are prepared to go against it. Things are clearly starting to break down on the Cylon side of things, and infighting is rarely a good sign. I will be most intrigued to see where this all goes.

Whew! What a ride tonight! And yeah ... is it can be next Friday nao? XDXD
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