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4x03: The Ties That Bind - Introspective, but with a punch

The usual SPOILER warning, don't click if you haven't seen the episode, etc. etc.

Well. Okay.

As the title implies, I certainly felt that this episode was much more introspective, focused on the thoughts and feelings of a few characters. Still, it managed to have a HUGE scope and to touch on so many different themes it was enough to make your head spin. Betrayal (on several levels and by several people/machines), suicide, depression, deception, I could go on and on and on. I'm not entirely sure how much it did to advance the plot, per se - aside from the whole Cylon civil war thing - but nevertheless, it was important.

First off, the Tyrol/Cally thing. I must admit I never knew what to really think of them, whether they were for real or not. And by "for real," I guess I mean for real as a couple. I've heard a lot of people in the BSG fandom say they don't believe it, but I was and am still on the fence. Most television shows are all about allowing character relationships to develop on screen, leaving nothing in the dark so that the viewers know precisely where everyone stands with each other, but I think we can all agree by now that BSG is not most television shows. So in that context, I could accept that perhaps Tyrol and Cally had something going offscreen, something that we the audience were not allowed to glimpse but that was there nonetheless. At the same time, though, there just appeared to be something "off" about them. They seemed very much in love on New Caprica, and Chief practically went ballistic when Cally was hauled off to the execution grounds, but on the other hand, I had a lot of difficulty seeing things from Cally's side. What attracted him to her in the first place, how did she fall in love with him, what was their relationship like? Tonight's episode didn't answer all those questions, but it certainly put paid to a few of them.

We now know that clearly, for whatever reason, Cally was very much in love with Chief. So in love that she was experiencing feelings of possession, not sure whether he was as devoted to her as before, etc. In this episode we see a prime - prime - example of why communication is so vitally important to relationships. Now, Tyrol has a damn good reason not to tell Cally he's a Cylon. He knows she hates them and would all probability bludgeon him to death on the spot. Hey, she almost did tonight! But him having to cope with the knowledge of who he is imposes a severe strain on him and what's worse, he can't tell her precisely what's bothering him or where he's going. ("Honey, I'm off to my super-sekrit Cylon meeting!" "Okay, dear!") Cally feels shut out, kept in the dark, and so naturally she begins to wonder what the hell is going on with her husband, why he's not including her in this part of his life. We saw from Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2, that he was very willing to include her in his labour movement on New Caprica even though she was heavily pregnant at the time. So her imagination starts running away with her, and seeing him with Tory makes things about a thousand times worse. Even if he's not reciprocating Tory's affection he's guilty just by association.

So she resorts to spying. The minute Cally unlocked that passageway I turned to my boyfriend and said, "This will not end well." Aaaaaand I was right. I sure didn't expect it to end exactly the way it did, though! I figured Cally would freak out in some way, and although beaning Chief over the head and fleeing with the baby and going right for an airlock surprised me, nor did it seem out of character. The real shock came when Tory appeared. HOLY LIVING FRAK. Andrew said he knew she was going to whack Cally, but I didn't, so it came as a TOTAL surprise. I guess she was paranoid about Cally spreading the secret and figured it'd be better to off her and deal with the consequences later. Tory's damn lucky Cally didn't decide to, say, go to Adama before shutting herself in the airlock. Maybe she had a good enough read on Cally to think she wouldn't? Although somehow that seems really unbelievable to me. Something makes me think that Tory wouldn't leave the possible revelation of the secret to chance, and would've tried to kill her if she showed any signs of alerting the powers that be. Still, I maintain - Tory's DAMN lucky. This way she can make it look like a suicide, and not have to answer awkward questions.

I guess at the end of the day, Cally's gone. I bet some people are celebrating now, the people that hated her. And from my experience, that seems to be most of fandom. As I said, I myself am still on the fence. I neither liked nor disliked her. She was a bit of a one-dimensional character, I guess, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sure, things could have been done better. I just feel badly that Chief won't know what really happened. Whatever was wrong between them, and however much of a lightweight character Cally may have been, it's clear that he cared for her. Poor Chief. :( That shot of her in space was CREEPY AS HELL. Holy crap. I really liked the last scene of the episode, though, where Adama's just sitting with Tyrol in Tyrol's quarters, obviously just having told him the news. It seems to be traditional that the captain, or head, of any ship tells family members of the death of their loved one and I was glad to see the tradition preserved here. And I want to write a fic about that scene, heh.

Whoa, I can't believe I've gotten nearly halfway through this episode review without talking about Kara! Yikes!!!! Methinks I'm falling down on the job. XD I must admit, the things she's going through and her attitude towards her relationship with Sam touched several nerves with me, nerves I'm not really prepared to talk about in a journal that's supposed to be purely for fandom. Suffice it to say, I've been in her headspace, I know exactly where she's coming from and I can understand it perfectly. There's a certain disconnect between mind and body that can happen, and times when you really don't feel like yourself. At those times you will do almost anything - and I mean anything - to feel real again, to feel like a person again, to feel something. Some may argue that when she asks Sam to frak her, and frak her hard, it's too sudden. Well, I am here to disagree and disagree vehemently. Kara is frightened. She's frightened by this disconnect that she feels and she's frightened by the loss of control and she wants to feel like herself again, feel like she can control something. And she's always been able to feel through sex, feel things physically. So naturally she assumes it will bring her back to herself.

Been there, done that, bought the movie rights.

All seriousness aside - and I was getting pretty damn serious there! - the shippy part of me was quite pleased to see angry, vigorous Sam/Kara sexin'. XD For some reason I had thought it would just be Kara and Helo going off on the Demetrius, I didn't realize they got to pick a crew. That sort of blows all the Helo/Sharon goodbye fics to hell, doesn't it? I mean, if there were any. I didn't see them, but that doesn't mean they don't exist, heh. Anyway, she's with him, which also makes the shippy part of me happy, and she and Helo and Sam and Kara are just sailing through the galaxy like one big happy family. Is it wrong of me to wish Lee was there? Well, that's what fanfic is for.

Well, not exactly, since at this point I consider a mutiny on the Demetrius quite possible. I HOPE it doesn't happen, but I'm also not naive enough to assume that it won't. The way those pilots were talking, all gathered together there, makes me think that something's rotten in the state of Denmark. It doesn't seem like Kara's been giving them much information as to their course or anything and even Sharon's getting annoyed, which surprised me a little. But on the other hand, I see why she isn't. How can you look calm and assured and appear to know exactly what you're doing when, well, you don't? Answer: you can't. I just hope things don't go too badly for her. I want this mission to succeed!

Getting down my list here. (Yes, I actually made a list of stuff to talk about throughout the episode. I know I'm a dork, shut up.) Adama/Roslin! The divide between their personal and political lives is really interesting. I LOVED the scene where he's reading to her after her treatment. It was very very VERY much made of awesome. And yet, a couple scenes later they're arguing over the Demetrius thing. Yet there, you can tell they've got their public personas firmly clamped into place. He is arguing with her as Admiral Adama and she is fighting back as President Roslin. When they're in life station and he's reading to her, they're just Bill and Laura. At least that's my theory. I hope it's right. I like my theory! XD

Lastly, Lee in the Quorum. Poor guy, he's so very concerned about Kara. You could see it in his face. I don't know, maybe that's just the shippy part of me talking, but something about him seems ... diminished, somehow. Oh, you can tell he's completely in his element and he loves the political stuff and he's going to make a great representative, but something's missing. He's not quite the Lee Adama we know and love. And again, the shippy part of me wonders if he isn't going to use his Quorum position - maybe even subconsciously - to try and extract information about how the Demetrius mission is going and, by extension, how Kara is doing. 'Cause that would just be awesome.

I may add more in the morning, but for now I'll have to leave it there. Great, emotional episode and, as always, I can't wait for next week!!!!
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