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4x04: Escape Velocity - Uh, okay then!

SPOILERS, don't click if you haven't seen the episode, blah blah blah. Also, this will probably be enormously disjointed, since I have an exam tomorrow and have been studying like mad for most of today and, well, most of this week as well. Thank goodness term is almost over. >.>

Well, okay, the cut tag is a bit of an exaggeration, I suppose. But it honestly did seem at certain points tonight like things were going horribly, almost too horribly to be believed. Does anyone else think that matters are heading towards a climax? I know it should technically be too early in the season to tell, but ... still. I just got that impression from this episode, although I'm not ruling out the idea that I could be completely off-base.

First, as my best friend Katie noted - we were doing a live chat on AIM throughout the eppy - there was a depressing lack of Lee and Kara. Not together; we know that probably isn't going to happen for the foreseeable future and are (mostly) reconciled to that fact. No, just them in general. We would like our piloticians back, please! Although, to RDM's credit, Lee did make some significant appearances near the end of the episode. Neither of us could figure out what exactly Kara was doing near the end, however. She did look sort of like I do this week after about five straight days of round the clock studying for finals, but I'm pretty sure she's not cramming for a History of Canadian Economics exam. Heh. So obviously, that will have to be explained next time.

Poor Chief. Poor, poor Chief. I had a feeling that a lot of his grief over Cally would be expressed loudly, perhaps physically, and definitely angrily. I was half right - he was loud, and angry, but not for the reasons I thought. It's quite clear that he still hasn't gotten over even Boomer's death. He necessarily hid his feelings for her because, after a certain point, it was going to get them into trouble far more than it was going to help them. He made an excellent point about the fact that many of them have had to make second choices where relationships are concerned. He originally wanted Boomer, but he couldn't have her, so he chose his less-developed feelings for Cally. Lee couldn't have Kara even though he wanted her desperately, so he turned to Dee. Kara was afraid to have Lee, so she married Sam because - in her exact words - he was "safe." And I can see how, after a certain point, all this compromising and all these second choices could cause a person to just ... lose it. Stand up, and declare that this is not their life, this is not the life they want to live.

I really enjoyed the beginning scene between Tigh and Chief, by the way. Nobody knows better what it's like to lose a spouse so brutally. And really, although they don't know it, to lose a spouse for much the same reason. Tigh was forced to kill Ellen because she was slipping secrets to the Cylons. Tory was forced (although this is somewhat debatable) to kill Cally because she had found out the Four's secret. Now, of course, Chief doesn't know that, but I would really not be so surprised if Tory told Tigh every bit of what went on in the airlock, and he's keeping quiet to preserve everyone's sanity. Either way, the scene Tigh and Chief had together was really touching.

Speaking of which, is it just me or does EJO have a somewhat weird fascination with Ellen Tigh? This is something like the second or third episode he's directed in which she has featured prominently in some way. I did find it extremely clever how Ellen was juxtaposed with Caprica Six. Surprisingly, a ton of what she said made sense for the Tigh/Ellen relationship in addition to the Six/Baltar one. I would not have expected that, but the writers are really quite brilliant that way. Props to them!

And Baltar. I have to admit, I'm almost morbidly curious about where his storyline is going now. It seemed so preposterous to begin with, but now it's actually starting to make some sort of weird sense. Obviously he's supposed to be a metaphor for religious fanaticism, and obviously he could convert a large portion of the Fleet to follow his beliefs. We saw that right at the very end of the episode. It's true that if I had to look at a list of What I Think Gaius Baltar Will Do In Season 4 and pick one path, "become a religious fanatic and sow dissension in the Fleet with the help of his harem" would not have been my top choice. Nevertheless, this is actually working better and better. It's an intriguing direction in which to take the character, anyway, and I'll be interested to see where it winds up.

Adama/Roslin. WOW. (I almost feel like I should be bullet-pointing this post, but it's late and I'm lazy.) The canonical evidence continues to pile up, guys. I thought, from our first glimpse of her, that Laura looked different. It didn't occur to me exactly how until after the first commercial break, when I turned to my fiance and said, perfectly calmly, "She's wearing a wig." Which of course was proven to be true. We're getting real, true glimpses of what it's like for her to fight her cancer now, and as wisteria_ once put it, she's used up her get-out-of-cancer-free card. This looks like it's really going to be it, and my heart breaks for both of them. They could be so happy together. :( But I LOVE that Bill keeps reading to her. And I will never get the image of him carrying a purse out of my brain as long as I live.

Next week looks scary. That's all I'll say, because I know some people don't like to be spoiled by the previews. But yeah ... some things are going to happen and I'm even more petrified that my mutiny theory is going to prove correct. I hope not. I really really hope not and if RDM has a direct line into my brain - which I have often suspected - I would like to ask him to please ignore that. And bring Lee/Kara back together for some hot sex, dammit.

Okay, I think that's about the end of my recap. Gotta go rest up for my exam tomorrow (jooooy).
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