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4x05: The Road Less Traveled

Everyone who hasn't seen the new episode should really know by now not to click. XD SPOILERS ahoy!

Well, I hate to say I told you so.

But I told you so.

I believe it was two weeks hence, in one of these very episode reviews, that I predicted there would be a mutiny aboard the Demetrius. I was hoping that I would not be right, that on this particular subject RDM would not, in fact, have one of his vaunted direct lines into my brain. But of course, cruel irony being what it is, he did, and it looks like we're heading down that very direction if the last few minutes of this episode and the preview for next week are to be believed.

The most accurate way to categorize this, I think, would be to say that the mindfraks continue. Which of course is how it always is whenever Leoben comes on the scene. I'm going to be extremely blunt here - I don't like the guy. I appreciate that he has a purpose and hey, he may end up leading Kara and the fleet to Earth. But even if he does, I don't think my opinion will change. He creeps me the hell out, first of all, but secondly I can't stand how he manipulates people. In general I can't stand those who manipulate others, who tell lies deliberately to mess people up and fool around with their minds. So you can imagine my opinion about Leoben, therefore, and about tonight's episode. It's not that I didn't like the episode, it just ... creeped me out. Heh.

And is it just me or did nothing really happen, action-wise, until the last five minutes? I know the last few episodes have sort of been like that but for whatever reason it seemed especially blatant this time around. Maybe the depressing lack of Lee is messing with my brain, I don't know. XD But a lot of the episode seemed to be people standing around, people aiming guns at each other, people trying to mindfrak other people and people listening to one religious freak (who may or may not be trying to mindfrak a whole bunch of other people). Until the end, until the high drama moment when Helo says he won't jump, I just got the sense not a whole lot had happened to advance the plot. It certainly looks like we're coming up on a huge moment though, judging by next week's preview. Egads. Truthfully I'm kind of afraid for next Friday!

I have to admit, from an outsider's perspective, I can certainly understand why the crew of the Demetrius would be twitchy about jumping to rendezvous with a base ship, and why Helo would be disinclined to trust Leoben. I do wonder how many of them know exactly what happened on New Caprica, though - obviously Helo knows at least the bare-bones details, and judging by the way Sam reacted when he went to visit Leoben it seems like he might know a few things too. But what about the rest of the crew? I ask only because how much they know would probably directly affect their opinion of whether or not to believe Kara and, by extension, whether or not they are on her side. I could easily see, for instance, half the crew being on her side and half the crew not. Or even all of the crew deciding not to be on her side, although I don't think she can possibly overcome all of them and carry out her plans. Kara's pulled off lots of insane stuff before but this, this would be an example of something that I think is beyond even her.

I realize this review is jumping all over the place, heh, but it's not going to stop anytime soon. Gaius Baltar and his little cult gets weirder and weirder every week, and the Baltar/Tory storyline needs to go die in a fire or something. I'm so sick of seeing them in bed together! But on a more positive note, I really liked Tyrol's storyline. (I guess we can't call him "Chief" anymore ...) Some will argue that it's out of character, and I suppose I can see where they might have a point, but I believe it's simply a manifestation of the five stages of grief as exemplified in many psychological texts. He went through anger tonight, and seems to be moving slowly towards acceptance. And if acceptance means he can clasp Baltar's hand and look upon him somewhat more amicably, well, who are we to say that's not in character for him?

Anyway, it's getting late, and I've got stillness voting to post. I may add more to this tomorrow/as I think of it.

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