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Bullet points of note

- I WORKED ON TIS TONIGHT!!!!!! Okay, I know all of you were awaiting that announcement with bated breath, LOL. But it's true. I actually opened the Word document containing TIS on my computer, and I wrote about a page! I are proud of myself! My renewed inspiration for it was probably about 94% motivated by the fact that I was listening to Evanescence while making supper, and Evanescence should so be renamed The Official Obidala Band. Nevertheless, I've started getting back into my poor abandoned multichapter AU, and I'm hoping to make some serious headway on it tonight after I've gotten my word count in for my character study.

- Also, this just in: my character study has a title. Quite significant, because usually I suck at coming up with titles for my stuff and don't do so until the veeeeeery last minute (i.e. when I'm about to click the Post button). I've decided to call it "The Sound of One Hand Clapping." That relates to the fic in several ways which will become clear for those of you who read it. I love the title, and I am actually pretty pleased with the fic itself. Note that it's extremely rare for me as an author to actually praise my own work, so as Katie put it, "This thing must be good if even you like it!" Haha, so true. XD

- Being caught between two muses is ... er, interesting. I feel like the rope in a game of tug-of-war at the moment. On one side is my character study and a group of BSG plotbunnies, and on the other is my SW muse which has recently decided to re-grace me with its presence. (Stupid creepy little muse.) And they both think what they have to say is more important than what the other muse wants. It's not unlike being in a room with two children squabbling, "Mommy, watch me!" "No Mommy, watch ME!" "Mommy, Mommy, watch MEEEEE!!" Etc., etc. I'm so glad that up until now I've only had one real fandom in which to participate, because otherwise there would be a high potential of me going insane (and not in a good way). How do you guys with multiple fandoms deal???

- I completely forgot the next point I was going to make, heh. Helpful, I know.

- Someone on battlestar_blog posted excerpts from the script of an upcoming BSG episode, 4x09 I think. I am currently using EVERY OUNCE OF WILLPOWER I POSSESS not to click that cut tag, ugh. So far I'm completely spoiler-free, but the part of me that ships Lee/Kara is desperate to know if they have any more scenes together. The plotbunnies have pricked up their ears, too. *facepalm* Not that this post would necessarily answer that question if the scenes don't occur before the hiatus, but my shipper self is insisting that it doesn't care. Heh. We shall see.

- Potential timeline on TIS and the character study, for those curious? The character study will come first, and as it's multi-chapter I'll probably post a chapter per day until it's done with. It should be completed later this week, after which point I'll put some serious elbow grease into TIS. My extremely rough estimate is that Chapter 22 could be finished and beta'd by Sunday. But a ton of factors have to click into place for that to happen - the muses have to cooperate, I have to find my copy of the Revenge of the Sith novelization in the quagmire known colloquially as my bedroom, I have to devote some uninterrupted time to writing - and so it may not. Rest assured, though, that there is now a definite and distinct light at the end of the tunnel for those of you waiting. I promise. :)

- The meta posts are also coming, probably at some point this weekend. I just need a little more time to gather my thoughts.

- And lastly, I leave you with a humourous chat between Katie and myself, in which we compare SW to BSG in some rather ... cracky fashions:

sensfangirl6 = Me
stresskitten01 = Katie

stresskitten01 (10:50:14 PM): I found a new song for The Playlist!
sensfangirl6 (10:50:17 PM): Do tell!
stresskitten01 (10:50:24 PM):
sensfangirl6 (10:50:34 PM): OMG YES.
stresskitten01 (10:51:04 PM): "You've been right in front of me, everything I need, why didn't I see?" is the line that jumped out and smacked me in the face.
sensfangirl6 (10:51:13 PM): I was JUST thinking that, heh.
stresskitten01 (10:51:53 PM): But yes, you need to post your analysis of how EVERY SINGLE SONG on Annie Lennox's new album applies to BSG and Kara. Which is just bloody creepy by the way.
sensfangirl6 (10:52:08 PM): Haha, tell me about it. Well, every single song except one.
stresskitten01 (10:52:11 PM): Yeah, obviously.
sensfangirl6 (10:52:52 PM): Yeah, I'm hoping to get it up tomorrow.
stresskitten01 (10:52:56 PM): OMG!!!!!!! TAKE A CHANCE ON ME!!!!!! HEE!!!!!!
sensfangirl6 (10:53:08 PM): *as Other Fandom randomly interjects!*
stresskitten01 (10:53:11 PM): Yes, totally!
sensfangirl6 (10:53:29 PM): But you know, that could totally apply to Lee/Kara.
stresskitten01 (10:53:40 PM): What, that he does a striptease for her??? *SPORFLE*
sensfangirl6 (10:53:54 PM): Haha, why not?
stresskitten01 (10:54:12 PM): Lee Adama, Official Captain Tight-Ass of the YEAR, doing a striptease???
sensfangirl6 (10:54:37 PM): Listen, Lee Adama is no more of a tight-ass than Obi-Wan Kenobi, which is something you more than ANYONE should know. LOL.
stresskitten01 (10:54:44 PM): True, true. The point is conceded.
stresskitten01 (10:55:05 PM): The thing about Lee though is that he's tight-arsed WITHOUT the Jedi Code, which requires talent.
sensfangirl6 (10:55:22 PM): Yeah, Lee would SO be the perfect Jedi.
stresskitten01 (10:55:25 PM): He would, too!
sensfangirl6 (10:55:42 PM): Except for his attraction to Kara. *snicker*
stresskitten01 (10:55:50 PM): Well, Obi-Wan's got Padme!
sensfangirl6 (10:56:15 PM): True enough!
sensfangirl6 (10:56:40 PM): And I am now thinking about how much fun it would be to write a SW/BSG crossover.
stresskitten01 (10:56:43 PM): Oh dear ...
stresskitten01 (10:57:19 PM): Or even just something where Lee and Kara watch SW, or vice versa.
sensfangirl6 (10:57:23 PM): Haha, that too!
sensfangirl6 (10:58:23 PM): I'm just trying to think if Anakin really has an equivalent in the BSG!verse.
stresskitten01 (10:58:28 PM): Hmm. Good question.
sensfangirl6 (10:58:51 PM): Well, I do know one thing for sure: Yoda is SO NOT Bill Adama.
stresskitten01 (10:58:56 PM): NO!!! EEEEEWWWW!!!!
stresskitten01 (10:59:35 PM): But let's see. For some reason I'm pinning Anakin on Sam. Although Sam's not nearly so whiny.
sensfangirl6 (11:00:06 PM): Well, both Sam and Lee love Kara, and both Anakin and Obi-Wan love Padme.
stresskitten01 (11:00:20 PM): Yeah, but Padme's not Kara though. In fact they're pretty much complete opposites.
sensfangirl6 (11:00:28 PM): Wait! Maybe ANAKIN is Kara!
stresskitten01 (11:00:48 PM): Hmm, risk-taking pilot with a fondness for rule-breaking? It kinda fits.
sensfangirl6 (11:00:59 PM): It does. Much as I sort of hate to admit it.
stresskitten01 (11:01:21 PM): But who's Padme then? Kat?
sensfangirl6 (11:01:59 PM): Ugh, no, Padme's not NEARLY that vindictive. Besides, if Anakin's Kara, it doesn't make sense. Padme and Anakin don't hate each other.
stresskitten01 (11:02:05 PM): (However much I wish they did.)
sensfangirl6 (11:02:09 PM): LOL, I suppose.
stresskitten01 (11:02:29 PM): WAIT. PADME IS ROSLIN!!!!
sensfangirl6 (11:02:32 PM): OMG!
stresskitten01 (11:02:43 PM): I mean except for the whole fucking-Adama thing, it does fit.
sensfangirl6 (11:02:57 PM): I guess so eh? Politician thrust into a weird situation, swoops in and takes charge ...
stresskitten01 (11:03:03 PM): Yeah, exactly!
sensfangirl6 (11:03:23 PM): Who IS Bill Adama, by the way?
stresskitten01 (11:03:26 PM): NOT YODA.
sensfangirl6 (11:03:34 PM): Yes, I believe we already established that, genius.
stresskitten01 (11:03:46 PM): Haha, okay, just making sure.
sensfangirl6 (11:03:54 PM): Mace Windu?
stresskitten01 (11:03:57 PM): .........
stresskitten01 (11:04:24 PM): ..... There is not enough brain bleach IN THE WORLD for the images THAT conjures up.
stresskitten01 (11:04:43 PM): Thank you for that mental image which is now forever seared onto my consciousness.
sensfangirl6 (11:04:47 PM): You're welcome!
stresskitten01 (11:05:04 PM): I think we're kinda getting carried away. *headdesk*
sensfangirl6 (11:05:50 PM): Hehe
sensfangirl6 (11:06:01 PM): You know, I'll probably end up putting this in my LJ. *snerk*
stresskitten01 (11:06:07 PM): Whee, chat!
sensfangirl6 (11:06:11 PM): Very much so!

My only excuse for the above is that it was late, we were both tired, and ... yeah. emavalexis, you can probably relate. XD
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