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4x06: Faith

I've decided to try something a wee bit different for this week's episode review - live blogging! Basically meaning you'll get my reactions of the moment, so to speak. The usual spoiler warnings apply - there be SPOILERS in this post, don't click unless you've seen the episode and if you do, don't blame me if you get spoiled.

I will say one very non-spoilery thing, right up at the top. This episode? Reminded me of why I fell in love with BSG in the first place. Pure and simple. I have to admit I haven't been feeling the S4 love like I did with some of the other seasons, but I think now it may finally be coming into its own. I'm feeling the love now, I still think this show is so very awesome and I still think it's winding down to a kickass conclusion. BRING ON NEXT FRIDAY, MAN!

- Opening: haha, I love how the Cylons apparently no longer have a plan. XD

- Ooh, this might be a Laura-centric episode! Woot!

- Last episode, blah blah, Leoben = creepy. *shudder shudder*

- Oh yeah, now I remember why I was so scared for this week. Eep!

- Holy fucking SHIT, Sharon. That was whacked-up!

- Aaaand Sam goes apeshit. Yiiiiiiikes. I totally didn't type for like five minutes because I was just watching with my mouth open, haha.

- You've got to admire Sam's dedication if nothing else. Heh.

- Sharon remembers she's a Cylon! Finally!

- Oh wow, that was just too awesome. Hard to even articulate, really - just that Helo believes in Kara now, believes she's got to do this. His previous objection was, I think, that she was putting the lives of the crew in danger and I can totally understand that. But now that she understands what his objection was, she can move beyond it. It's too bad poor Gaeta had to get sacrificed (well, kinda) in the process is all.

- Aaaand Galactica! Whee!

- Wow. We are really into Laura coping with cancer now. I think this is the first time we've seen her without hair. Just wow.

- She's losing it. Damn, poor Laura. :( Damn, damn, damn.

- Speaking of courage ... here's Kara getting into a Raptor with Leoben. Egads. I wouldn't get within ten feet of the guy after what he did on New Caprica, but that's just me.

- Racetrack, OMG. SO. MUCH. LOVE.

- Goodbye between Helo/Sharon, points for adorable!

- Haha, oh I love Sam. /random

- Holy CRAP. Those baseships got pwned, man.

- Poor Felix, aww. Everyone's taking it on the chin in this eppy so far.

- Heeeey, Kara's got her mojo back! Well, sorta. Her Earth-finding mojo anyway.

- And suddenly I'm struck by a question: is the mandala the ultimate clue to Earth? 'Cause that cloud ... thing sure looked like it to me. Or whatever it was. My immediate reaction was to turn to my boyfriend and go, "Holy frak, it's the mandala." Hmm!

- Commercial cliffie. Yay. Or not. >.>

- Oh my, that cut looks nasty.

- Frak, where are they? Inside a baseship?

- You tell 'em, Athena! LOVE!!!!!!

- Gallows humour. Boy am I familiar with that.

- Haha this is so weird, Kara and Leoben on the same side. I love this, though.

- Methinks Sam is cracking up. I would have liked to see him put his hand in the water, though. Would he have been able to interface?

- See, I knew this nice peaceful cooperation couldn't last, but daaaaamn.

- I guess Six must really be willing to cooperate if she wants to sacrifice another of her number in order to settle a perceived score. This is serious.

- More gallows humour. This episode is love for that alone!! Also, I said this before but I really do like how they're giving us glimpses into how Laura is coping with cancer, much more so than they did in first/second season. There we basically got chamalla!Laura and shots of her when she was dying, but not much else. This really feels like the full treatment, which reinforces to me ... yeah, she's not going to make it through this season. :(

- "It's going to get worse. Be prepared." I can understand why she's saying that, but still. Eeep.

- Yay Hybrid!

- This is a really interesting and different interpretation of Baltar, and I'll grant it's one I didn't think about before.

- Meanwhile, back at the ranch onboard the Demetrius, we are waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

- Creeeeeeeeeepy. Did anyone else get chills during the "harbinger of death" scene? Just with the Hybrid in the tub, filling with red, it looked quite ... demonic, almost. I got goosebumps, seriously.

- Mary McDonnell >>>>>>>>>> EVERYONE. Just sayin'.

- It must be truly petrifying for Laura, seeing what her mother went through and now spending time with Emily, to think what must await her. And because BSG is made of awesome, it won't shy away from those concepts but will instead show them to us, in all their pure, raw emotion. That is why I love this show.

- Dammit, I love Sam. SO. MUCH.

- On the other hand, he didn't really think he could keep the secret forever, did he? It's gotta come out sometime.

- WHOA. Freaky. Is she inside Emily's dream now?

- Oh shit, are they gonna make it back in time? FRAK.


- Heeeeeey, Adama/Roslin scene! Woooooot!!!

- Have we seriously seen Bill smile in like fifty bajillion episodes? I don't think so!!! But he smiled at Laura!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- AND I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

- It is can be next week nao????????

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