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Fic: "The Sound of One Hand Clapping" (Battlestar Galactica, Lee/Kara, 1/11)

Okay, so despite all the stuff I still have to get done today, I figured I'd pop on here quickly to push this little sparrow out of the nest. Yes, the character study is finally finished, and while there are parts of it I'm not completely satisfied with, it's already been edited to death. So, I figure it's time to let go, heh. I'll be posting a chapter per day, plus the epilogue.

Title: The Sound of One Hand Clapping
Author: Liz/amidala_thrace
Fandom and Pairing: Battlestar Galactica; Lee/Kara with mentions of Lee/Dee, Sam/Kara and Zak/Kara
Beta: canceron_jedi
Rating: PG - NC-17 (though the NC-17 chapters will be few and far between)
Spoilers: This fic contains spoilers through S3's "Maelstrom."
Status: Complete. One chapter will be posted per day.
Summary: Kara sustains severe burns on her hands after a Raptor crash, placing her in complete dependence on the one person in front of whom she's always tried to be strong.
Author's Notes: I've got a post up on jedionpaper with various ruminations about the title of this fic, where the idea came from and a little more about what my goals were with it. I recommend you read it before starting the fic just so you'll get an idea of what I was trying to do. It's here.

Read Chapter 1 here @ jedionpaper
Tags: bsg, fic: the sound of one hand clapping, kara thrace, kara/lee, pg ratings

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