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Fic: "To Ignite the Stars" (Star Wars, Obi-Wan/Padmé, 25/?)

Title: Hellfire
Previous Chapters: Can be read here.
Characters: Obi-Wan, Padmé, Anakin
Word Count: 5,172
Rating: PG-13 - angst, angst and more angst
Summary: It was the worst moment of his life.
Author's Notes: After I'd put the finishing touches on this chapter, I literally had to leave my apartment, go outside and sit under a tree, just trying to clear my mind of the emotional impact on the characters and the emotional impact on me the writer, having to get all of this down. Yes, it's fanfiction, and so perhaps it's silly of me to get so intensely involved. But I can't help it; that's how I write. These characters are as real to me as any other actual person, so it's damned hard to put them in these types of situations. At least the worst is (sort of) over.

Read Chapter 25 here @ jedionpaper
Tags: fic: to ignite the stars, obi-wan/padmé, pg13 ratings, star wars

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