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4x09: The Hub

I can't believe there's only two more episodes to go until the hiatus! Eek!! But yes, I am liveblogging again. Spoilers under the cut, etc.

- I totally missed the opening, heh, so I'm not exactly sure what went on there. Oh well. That's the price I pay for thinking I've got more time and actually watching the credits of the movie I was engrossed in instead of shutting it off. XD

- Y halo thar basestar!

- "It responds to me!" Yeeeah, you keep on telling yourself that, Gaius.

- And yet it actually did kinda respond to him! Cool beans.

- Flash-forward? I think?

- LEE/KARA HUG!!!!! Okay yeah, Roslin's dying, which sucks and all, and it's totally in a flash-forward/visiony thing, but I just had to point that out. Heh. *facepalm @ self*

- Ooh, the Hub! Hence episode title.

- Helo must feel weird talking to the Eight, who isn't Sharon. Since we know Sharon's back on Galactica and all.

- ... Especially with her doing that!

- Interesting! I didn't realize they could access each other's memories like that.

- Heeeey, it's Xena D'Anna!

- But why have they reactivated her? I thought the other group was going to do it! Unless they decided to be preemptive, which I could totally see.

- Pet Eight? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww.


- "Until she sees something shiny." Cruel, but accurate assessment of Boomer.

- I could totally see Cavil et al trying to get D'Anna on their side, and I could also see them conveniently leaving out the part about the doctored Raiders.

- I can understand the jitteriness on both sides. Egads.

- Ahahahaha, Roslin and Baltar trying to communicate with the Hybrid while fighting with each other. WIN!

- "The only thing you're doing is yelling." Was it so wrong of me to expect Gaius to yell back, "I AM NOT YELLING!" Heh.

- So every time they jump she gets these visions? Weird!

- I LOVE snarky!Roslin. Love, LOVE!

- More reading scenes! This is obviously supposed to mean something. Hell if I know what.

- I don't know if Helo's being sentimental, necessarily, but both are raising good points.

- They've found the hub!

- And at this perspective you can really see how beat-up the Vipers are, and therefore how strange and incongruous Kara's clean Viper must have seemed.

- HA! I told you so! If you play with fire, you're gonna get burned, Cavil!

- Can I just say that I love Bear McCreary's music here? It's so sweeping.

- What the hell is Baltar playing at here?

- Holy crap, they're not going to KILL him?

- I swear we've seen more field surgery in this season ...

- So he finally confessed. Huh. I'll be damned.

- Can I just say again how much I love James Callis and Mary McDonald. Seriously, WOW.

- He is so dead. Which is a damn shame, for many reasons.

- Nukes on the hub! Until the last minute I actually didn't believe they were going to do it.

- Thar she blows, ladies and gentlemen.

- *wants to marry Bear McCreary and have his babies* *no, SERIOUSLY*

- Geez, how fucking ironic would it be if Laura killed Baltar? Seriously.

- That noise you just heard was all the A/R shippers squeeing, by the way.

- Seconding Laura, I so don't want him to die!

- "I'm not saying I agree, I'm saying it's my orders." Which Helo will always follow, for better or worse.

- This scene reminds me of the one in TNG where Riker shoots Ishara and tells Data he's just learned about betrayal.

- Oh yeah, I forgot D'Anna was sorta-kinda in love with him! *smacks self*

- Yay, he's not going to die!

- D'Anna is smart, I'll give her that much for free.

- Elosha ships A/R. You heard it here first!

- Ohhhhh yeah, the A/R shippers are gonna have a FIELD DAY with this, man. A FUCKING FIELD DAY!

- Not that this is a bad thing! I'm happy for them, I really am, since I kinda-sorta ship A/R myself (just not as intensely as some, heh). But you just know they'll be burning up the discussion boards after this.

- Next week looks creeeeeepy. Holy crap. And then the hiatus! *cries*

- I'm actually not totally sure how I feel about this episode. It was definitely good, but it was ... strange. I don't know. Maybe I'll be more coherent tomorrow?

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