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Saw this on the f-list of my personal journal and was going to fill it out there, but then decided it's really more fandom-related, so brought it over here. I've probably done it before, but meh.

Name six ships you like:
1) Obi-Wan/Padmé (Star Wars)
2) Lee/Kara (BSG)
3) Anakin/Padmé (Star Wars)
4) Sam/Kara (BSG)
5) Anakin/Obi-Wan (Star Wars)
6) Adama/Roslin (BSG)

Three ships you used to like but don't like anymore ("don't like" being stretched to include "don't dislike, but just don't feel anymore):
7) Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan (Star Wars)
8) Gaius/Six (BSG)
9) Gaius/Tory (BSG) (it was interesting in the beginning, then it just got bleechhh)

Three ships you don't ship:
10) Anakin/Dormé (Star Wars)
11) Leoben/Kara (BSG)
12) Obi-Wan/every handmaiden EVER (Star Wars)

Two ships you are curious about but haven't actually started shipping:
13) Helo/Kara (BSG)
14) Tigh/Caprica!Six

1) Why do you dislike #11 (Leoben/Kara) so much?
Many reasons, most of them intensely personal. Let's just say I don't go for abuse/dubiously consensual/creepy ships, and leave it at that.

2) Who is someone you know that ships #13 (Helo/Kara)?
I know various people who like Helo/Kara - mostly people whose H/K fics I've read. I'm not sure how popular of a ship it is, but I think a lot of people are at least somewhat curious about it.

3) What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3 (Anakin/Padmé)?
I guess if they had been able to stay together and if Anakin had been able to help raise the twins, although I realize that basically negates the entire purpose of the Original Trilogy. I think Anakin and Padmé could have been happy together, up to a point, were it not for Palpatine's machinations and the fact that they barely had any time to see each other during the war years.

4) What is your favourite episode for #1 (Obi-Wan/Padmé)? Try to pick just one.
Oh, if only, if only ... alas, Obidala is not canon, no matter how badly I wish it were. The deleted scene in which they kiss, favourite of vidders and iconers, is obviously top of the pack for non-canon scenes, though, as is basically the entirety of Matthew Stover's Revenge of the Sith novelization. Plus, I heartily enjoy the fics out there. :D

5) How long have you been following couple #6 (Adama/Roslin)?
Basically since I started watching the show, although they were never my number one OTP and I just - as of a few days ago - started reading A/R fanfic. They're just so cute together, you almost can't help yourself.

6) What's the story with #8 (Gaius/Six)? What made you stop liking them/caring?
It's more a question of just not caring much anymore. I suppose that's because in Season 4 the focus has been pretty much off the romantic aspects of their relationship and more on her teaching him how to be a religious fanatic. Not that this isn't interesting and all, but I just don't see them as a ship anymore. In earlier seasons definitely, but not now.

7) Which ship do you prefer: #2 (Lee/Kara) or #4 (Sam/Kara)?
Oh come on. I hereby invoke the Unfairness Clause. That's like asking me to choose between two of my children! (Which, yeah, don't have any, but still.) I love them both, for very different reasons, and I honestly do not think I could choose between them. Each is my OTP in the truest sense of the words.

8) You have the power to make one ship nonexistant. Choose from #10 (Anakin/Dormé) or #12 (Obi-Wan/every handmaiden ever).
Ooh, toughie. I despise both with an almost equal amount of hatred, and basically for the same reason: Dormé, or the handmaiden, is almost uniformly a Mary Sue. That's probably not true of all the fics out there, but definitely a good portion are either self-inserts or Mary Sues. But, given the choice, I'd probably erase Dormékin. Even if you're trying to take it on a strictly canonical basis ... you can't! Because they get what, maybe three seconds of screentime together? If that? Barely enough for a glance and the exchange of two words. Plus, there tends to be an awful lot of Padmé-bashing in those fics and I'm just not cool with that. The shippers themselves are annoying, too.

9) What interests you about #14 (Tigh/Caprica!Six)?
It's new and ... to be honest, kinda cool. I definitely see lots of fun possibilities.

10) When did you stop liking #7 (Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan)?
Awhile ago, probably ever since I left this crack roleplay game I was involved in. The Q/O in that game was believable, and cute, and so I sort of thought it might be a ship that worked. However, after I left the game (for unrelated reasons), I was disappointed by most of the Q/O fanfiction out there and pretty soon I found myself just not caring anymore.

11) Did your waning interest in #9 (Gaius/Tory) kill your interest in the show?
Good grief, no. In fact I'd say it's even stronger now. ;) The early to mid part of Season 4 kind of dragged for me, I felt there were a few episodes in which nothing really happened and the time could have been used more effectively. But those feelings didn't arise because of Gaius/Tory; it was more just a thing to go "yuck" at rather than symptomatic of an overall decline.

12) What's a song that reminds you of #5 (Anakin/Obi-Wan)?
"One Week" by Barenaked Ladies and "My Immortal" by Evanescence are two that scream that relationship to me.

13) Which of these ships do you love the most?
Again, you're asking me to choose between my kids, and I don't do that! Obi-Wan/Padmé, Lee/Kara and Sam/Kara are my absolute faves, though.

14) Which do you dislike the most?
Dormékin. Hands down.

15) If you could have any two of these pairings double-date, who would it be?
I'd love to see Obi-Wan/Padmé and Lee/Kara double date. (Which would actually make for an interesting crackfic - hmm!) It would just be funny to see the two most emotionally-repressed guys EVER at the same dinner table, hehe. And Kara would probably have a few things to say to Padmé about Episode III. XD

16) Have #2 (Lee/Kara) kissed yet? Elaborate if you'd like.
Yes, Lee/Kara is actually canon, which is just one of the reasons I like it. (No offense to Obidala, none at all, but it's just nice to OTP a pairing that actually happened and that there is irrefutable canonical evidence for. Heh.) Not only have they kissed, many times, but they have also had sex in a field and, in my own personal canon, had sex in Galactica's brig at least once if not twice. It's my belief that the end of the show will include some kind of allusion to them getting together, although RDM is not a fan of happy endings and also, like me, he can't seem to decide whether he prefers Lee/Kara or Sam/Kara. But, as a shipper, I can hope, can't I? LOL.

17) Did #4 (Sam/Kara) have a happy ending? If the show hasn't ended yet, do you think a happy ending is likely?
Eh, see above. RDM likes to torture his characters, so I wouldn't bet my life savings on it. And with Sam being a Cylon, I'm not sure that's something Kara will be able to forgive. I'd like to think so, and my most recent fic posits a scenario in which they get back together, but I, unfortunately, am not RDM. I guess we'll have to wait until January 2009 to find out for sure.

18) What would make you start shipping #14 (Tigh/Caprica!Six)?
More interaction between the two. I'd like to see how Tigh reacts to Caprica's pregnancy and where they go from there. And I'd love more fic to be written about them!

19) If only one could happen, which would you prefer - #2 (Lee/Kara) or #6 (Adama/Roslin)?
Don't hate me, A/R shippers, but I'm going to have to go with my OTP here. Since both have technically happened in canon, though, this question kinda doesn't apply.

20) You have the power to decide the fate of #10 (Anakin/Dormé). What happens to them?
They decide they hate each other's guts and that they will never, ever get together no matter how much Dormé looks like Padmé. And all the Dormékin shippers forget why they ever liked it in the first place.

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