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The Con, Days 1 and 2

Highlights of today:

- THE COSTUMES. Holy crap, the costumes.

- Walking up to Edward James Olmos, aka Admiral Adama, and having your best friend cheerfully ask him, "So, do you have sex with Laura Roslin this season?"

- SEEING Edward James Olmos, period.

- Kate Mulgrew: "I promised I wouldn't talk about politics, and I won't. Obama, Obama, Obama. There, I'm done."

- Boba Fett. Technically this is from last night, but whatever. It was still awesome.

- Brent Spiner. Y halo thar old fandom!

- Aaron Douglas! I think I'm in love.

- More Star Wars action figures than you can shake a lightsaber at.

- Speaking of new love interests, I'm definitely in love with Kate Mulgrew. I'd marry her if a) she swung that way and b) she weren't my mom's age.

- EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I cannot WAIT to go back tomorrow!

We all agreed last night that we wanted to get an early start today, so we met around eight thirty for breakfast. It wasn't all that earlier than when I usually get up for work, so no big deal. We ate in the hotel restaurant and then still had about an hour before we were planning to go to the convention centre, so we walked over to the Eaton's Centre and spent a bit of time shopping. I picked up some toys and cute outfits for my goddaughters, since although I've been sending stuff to Katie over the last few months, I haven't gotten a chance to spoil the girls in person. ;) So, got a head start on that today. They're at that wiggly stage where they don't want to be confined to strollers or people's arms - all they want to do is "walk" with you holding onto their hands. It's so very cute, although sort of hard on your back after awhile, heh.

So we "walked" for awhile up and down the mall, and then caught a taxi over to the convention centre. Katie had sort of scoffed at me wanting to be there so early, since events didn't technically start until eleven, but it turned out it was good we were there so early because we wound up going in what we thought was the wrong side (the north building instead of the south) and then had some issues finding elevators and the way over to the south. Then, once we'd finally gotten to the ticket area, we found a HUGE lineup. I thought it stretched all the way back to Ottawa, it was that gigantic. It moved fairly fast, but we didn't actually get our tickets until about 10:45, so we'd have been dead if we hadn't gotten there when we did. Cam and Katie and I spent lots of time ducking in and out of the lineup to "walk" with Megan and Michelle while we waited.

Katie and I both wanted to get some money from the ATM, which meant waiting in another huge lineup for a machine that, bizarrely enough, would only dispense $50 bills. A lot of conventions is waiting in lineups, heh. There weren't any Q&As we wanted to see until 2:00 p.m., so we decided to check out the merchandise area first.

Part of the attraction of going to a con, as I mentioned, is the different costumes people wear. We all felt kind of naked in our regular jeans and t-shirts. ;) But waiting in all those lines, plus wandering around the floor where all the vendors had their wares set up, gave us a great opportunity to see how creative everyone was being. There were two people dressed from head to toe as zombies, and I mean dressed - fake blood, ripped clothes, green skin, everything. They'd obviously put in a ton of effort on their costumes and it showed, because they were indistinguishable from the undead you see in horror movies. People kept stopping them to take their picture. That's another thing I'm learning about cons: those in costume love to have their picture taken, so long as you ask politely first. They've really worked hard on their costumes and are usually really pleased to show them off. We also saw Jedi - there was an Anakin and Obi-Wan duo that looked particularly realistic - Princess Leia, a furry Chewbacca, several members of Starfleet, a Lee and Kara, three or four people who seemed to have fox's tails growing out of their behinds, and a ton of assorted vampires, elves, Sailor Moons, zombies, monsters, Batmen, Supermen, Spider-Men and goodness knows what else. The costumes were a sight to see in and of themselves!

There was a depressing lack of BSG merchandise, but as I mentioned, they had a GREAT selection of Star Wars figures, including some that I've never seen before or been able to get on any of the websites I order from. (An aside: obtaining SW figures in Canada is like pulling hen's teeth. The company that makes them doesn't ship here; Wal-Mart and stores of that ilk only have Naboo soldiers and battle droids; most Amazon and Ebay sellers will not ship to Canada and the one U.S. website I've found that will ship here doesn't have a lot of the rarer characters like Padmé and Leia. Which, of course, are precisely the figures I'm looking for. When I wanted the figure of Padmé in her black evening gown, I had to order it from Australia.) Both Katie and I spent a solid half hour picking through the boxes on offer. I was very pleased to end up with a Senate Gown Queen Amidala (yay girlfriend!) and an Episode IV Princess Leia, two figures that I haven't even seen available for order anywhere. Methinks we'll be going back to that display tomorrow, hehe. ;)

They announced then that Aaron Douglas was signing autographs, so we scrambled over to get in the lineup. The way it works is that you purchase an eight-by-ten glossy of the actor, along with the cost of the autograph - yes, most people were charging for autographs - beforehand, and then you line up and get your few minutes with the actor. No photos; we were a little annoyed to discover that the photo ops had taken place that morning at ten. Ah well, live and learn. It wasn't too long a wait, and Aaron was awesome to us. He and Katie exchanged "Go Canucks!" and then there was a round of "Leafs Suck!" which made several people standing near us turn around and scowl. LOL.

We were hungry then, so we wandered over to the food court and lined up yet again for some food. It was passable, not exactly great cuisine but still serviceable. Hamburgers and fries and stuff, although I did see a sushi bar. Wasn't brave enough to try it though, hee. We sat down and ate our lunch and then went back around to the vendors we hadn't seen yet. Katie got some Original Trilogy movie posters, plus a Twilight poster, from a Blockbuster stand that was selling them. I kept on the lookout for BSG merchandise and was rewarded for my eagle eye with a set of character mouse pads and a lovely cap featuring the BSG logo on it.

We realized we were about to be late for the Kate Mulgrew Q&A, so we scrambled over to Hall G and were just in time. Didn't snag the best seats, but the session was still made of AWESOME. Kate is so funny, I was literally laughing out loud almost the entire time. There were lots of good questions, about her time on Voyager and what she's been doing since then. She said some really interesting things, too, about why Janeway/Chakotay didn't end up panning out (she wanted people to see Janeway as a captain rather than a sex object, so she vetoed onscreen intimacy fairly early on) and her opinion on the introduction of Seven of Nine later on in the series (she has nothing against the actress but didn't like the move all the same, feeling that it was an attempt to pander to the male-dominated audience in the hopes of raising ratings).

The session almost went overtime, because there were so many questions and cool discussions. I hadn't quite realized before how many people viewed Kate Mulgrew, and Janeway, as a role model because she was the first female captain. I should have, but I didn't. Anyway, there were tons of people standing up and thanking Kate for taking on the role and for bringing Janeway to life. Some really inspiring stories - it's just a shame the session couldn't run overtime, but just after the scheduled end time someone came and kicked us all out. Sigh.

The girls were starting to get fussy - they'd been at the con for an awfully long time, after all, and amazingly well-behaved for most of it - and so Cam decided to take them back to the hotel. Katie and I got some more money and plunged back into the merchandise area. We didn't find anything new, but we were able to attend several more of the autograph sessions. We went to Kate's, and talked to her a bit about her session, and then over to Brent Spiner's booth. I'm really excited to see him tomorrow.

Just after we'd finished there Katie tugged on my arm and started motioning frantically toward one of the tables. Sure enough, EJO had just arrived to start his autograph session. We probably broke a speed record weaving through the crowd to get into the line, LOL. Andrew had left to go to the washroom and I was sort of panicking thinking he'd wonder where we had gone, but it ended up being okay. While in the line we met up with some people from battlestar_blog and we joined them for a bit. It was really funny to see EJO looking kind of startled as we all approached him, but then he just started to laugh.

I should've known Katie was going to ask him about A/R, though! She's probably one of the most ardent A/R shippers around, but even if I had been too, I doubt I'd have had the courage to say, "So, is your character going to have sex with his love interest this season?" Heh. I definitely wouldn't have asked Jamie that!! Now that I think about it meeting him might even have been kind of awkward given how much smutfic I've written about Lee and Kara. It's one thing to think, "Oh yeah, imaginary person whom I will never meet, let's make them go like bunnies!" and quite another to think that when said person is sitting right across from you. Or maybe I'm just weird like that.

Anyway! We were kind of tired by then, having been on the go since quite early this morning, so after stopping briefly to chat with some 501st Legion members who were outside the exhibition hall, we decided to leave for the day. A baseball game was just letting out at the Skydome nearby (well, I guess that's not technically what it's called anymore, but I still think of it as the Skydome), with the consequence that we had a lot of trouble finding a taxi. But, by five-thirty, we were back in my hotel room. 'Course, the first thing Katie and I did after dropping our backpacks was whip out our laptops and check LJ. Yeah, we're pathetic. Hehe.

We're about to go down to the restaurant for dinner, so I will abruptly end here. What an awesome day - I can't wait until tomorrow!!

(Crossposted from my personal journal, with a couple of ... er, personal details edited out. Apologies to those seeing double! >.>)
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