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NaNo 2008: Potential idea

Seems like whenever I state categorically that I am absolutely positively not going to write a certain thing, my muse immediately comes along and makes a liar out of me. I should probably stop making such blanket statements, although in all honesty I can't help it. There are some things I DEFINITELY will not write at the moment, no matter how much the muse prods me to, but evidently it managed to find one hole in my carefully-constructed defense.

In other words, Liz has a possible NaNoWriMo idea. In the Star Wars fandom. *facepalm*

I emphasize possible. By no means have I decided to do this yet, for reasons that I'm sure you are all sick of hearing about. Mainly the one-fandom-at-a-time thing, although I am still trying to decide if this counts since it's a different pairing. As in, To Ignite the Stars, which is the major obstacle to me taking on any other longfics in the SW verse, is Obi-Wan/Padmé and Potential NaNo idea is Anakin/Padmé (and in a totally dissimilar time frame to boot). The jury remains out on whether this is significantly different to merit acceptance as my 2008 Official NaNo Plot and, if it isn't completed by November 30, whether it will be worked on after NaNo ends. The second consideration is the deal-breaker, because I absolutely refuse to start another project that I don't have a real fighting chance of finishing. I know that after November it may not get worked on as much, but I need to be interested enough in it that I'll keep going back to it, the way I do with TIS. On the positive side, this idea is the first one I've had that I really feel does have a chance at holding my interest.

The plot stems mainly out of a discussion I had a few months ago with Katie (bet you're shocked) about the changes to the SW universe in TIS, and how one little event - Padmé falling in love with somebody other than Anakin - would eventually end up changing quite a few canonical events. Yes, I endeavour to keep TIS as close to canon as possible, but there are some unavoidable differences, and we were plotting for future events and talking about those. Then somebody, I think it was her, said, "I wonder what would have happened in canon if Padmé had accepted Anakin's fireplace advances?" and then I said, "Yeah, and so they made love that night!" and Katie said, "Ooh, and she got pregnant then!" And suddenly I had the beginnings of another potential AU multichapter fic, which I did absolutely nothing with at that moment because I was leery of taking on something else with last year's NaNo disaster still so fresh in my mind. Now, however, I think it might be time to dust this one off and flesh it out a bit.

Part of my inspiration for doing so is the Clone Wars movie and series - new canon always generates interesting stuff, and of course I am eagerly anticipating the awesome Anakin/Padmé fics that will hopefully come out of this week's episode. :D Plus, I haven't written much A/P stuff lately, mainly because a) I've been run off my feet RL-wise and b) when I do get a chance to sit down and write, I've concentrated solely on banging out the next chapter of TIS, with little time for extraneous material. Although I anticipate November to be busy-ish for me, with an essay and an outline due, it hopefully won't be quite as bad as last year. (Last year I had papers and a journalism assignment due almost every week, but this year I'm only taking one journalism class, and it doesn't have weekly assignments.) Contributing to my issues last year was a hugeass stress-related migraine right in the middle of November, which put me out of commission for three or four days and completely zapped my word counts.

Barring all that shit this year, I think (hope!!) I should be able to do better. And now that I have a workable idea - that did not arrive at the last minute! - I can spend more time outlining it with Katie and fine-tuning it. My basic premise, as I said, is that Padmé accepts Anakin's advances at Varykino on a whim, and although Anakin wants to get married right at that moment, the ever-practical Padmé suggests a friends-with-benefits type arrangement. They make love that night, and she finds out shortly after Geonosis that she's pregnant. Anakin has gone off to fight in the Clone Wars by then, and Padmé panics and can't decide what to do. I'm particularly interested in exploring how an earlier pregnancy would have impacted on canonical events, whether it would have changed them for the better or for the worse, and seeing more of Anakin as a dad (we got to see some of that in the films, but let's face it, chopping off your son's hand won't exactly make him want to send you a Happy Father's Day card). The Anakin/Padmé fans on my f-list will be pleased to know, I'm sure, that the fic would remain A/P throughout. And for the Obidala fans, hey, there's always TIS!

There are a few disadvantages to pursuing this idea, unfortunately. One is that, of course, it's in the SW fandom, and I'm still sort of leery about having two multichapter projects on the go at once. The default fic will always be TIS, and I worry about shortchanging readers of the as-yet-untitled Anakin/Padmé fic if I'm more inspired to work on TIS for a long period of time after NaNo ends. I don't want it to turn into another abandonment scenario. There's also the overlap factor, in that if I don't get to a certain point in TIS before starting NaNo, that material from one might tend to "bleed" into the other.

The second problem is at least semi-solvable, if I work my writerly ass off between now and the start of November to get TIS up to the abovementioned point. This is potentially possible given I have no big assignments due for the rest of October and work is ... well, work is work, and it seems like it's been particularly busy this fall, but once I'm home, I'm home. All I need to worry about is starting up the old laptop and continuing. *ponders* Maybe I should start setting word count goals for TIS.

Anyway, bottom line is, my pursuit of the NaNo idea is still very much up in the air, but I'm consoling myself with the fact that at least I have an idea, and it's a good idea, a workable one, and if I can construct a good outline it will become infinitely more so. Add in getting to a suitable point in TIS and I think we have ourselves a winner!

Next chapter of TIS, by the way, should be posted at some point this weekend - I just have to edit it and then send it off to Katie for beta-ing. :)
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